1767. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 December 2003 at 3:30 PM in Spanish, English and Tongues


I am, My son, all that you see, all that you touch, all that you think.  I am all -the Flame of God, the Flame of My Son Jesus, the Flame of the Holy Spirit.  Yes, I am all!  It has arrived.  Yes, it has arrived, the star.  The Star of God, it has arrived to the point.  It has arrived!  Open your eyes.  Open your ears.  Open all that you have in your spirit.  It has arrived!


Yes, My Children, the hour and the date has been set.  The Star will come.  The Star will fall.  The Star will hit.  People believe that things like this could never happen.  They believe they are in control of their destinies.  Man's destiny is the pit, - for not obeying, for not following Jehovah God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  The rest, the remnant, will be in Heaven for all the days that are days. 

The elephant is wise.  The elephant is pointed.  Yes.  The ears of the donkey are blinded, are blinded by the things of man, are blinded by greed, by self determination, by the ways of man.  The donkey will fall at the appointed time.  The things of Jehovah will be clearly revealed to the leadership of the world.  They will be frightened.  They will be seeking the help of other men, but man cannot protect you from the wrath of God. 

Remember the Psalms.  Remember the Book of Wisdom.  Remember the Palm of Jehovah.  It moves fast - faster than the eye can see.  Remember the Love of God.  It is pointed, it is directed at everything that is straight, everything that is righteous.

People believe that they can control the environment - they can control their lives - they can control the babies that they produce and all they seem to do is to destroy, to kill without love, without remorse, without the thought of God.  Through the centuries, I have watched and watched patiently as man destroyed itself, as man destroyed his neighbor.  Greed is death.  It will find you a place in this pit that I have created.  Man believes he can buy his way into Heaven.  Man believes he is living in Heaven now.  What a fantasy!  Man has no idea of reality even though it preaches reality.  Man is a fantasy of man.  It is all a lie. 

People do not believe that the end is before them.  They believe life will go on as it has been.  They will go into shock.  They will not believe when they see the end before them.  When Christ appears many will be bewildered, many will have no idea of what they are seeing because they do not know My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, they have spent their whole lives fighting Him - denying Him, going against Him.  I see the heart and it is pointed to everything that is wicked - it is pointed to the idols, to the power, to the money, to the tail of the devil.  I will eliminate the tail.  I will eliminate the devil and I will eliminate you for following the devil. 

These are not pretty Words.  They are not comforting Words for the idol worshippers, for the devil seekers, but there is nothing they can do, for I am God and they are nothing.  Remember My Words; all will be destroyed.  All will be eliminated that is not pointed directly to the point towards My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  You can rationalize.  You can fantasize all you want, but either you are for Me, or you are against Me.  I will not accept anyone in the middle, there will be no compromise.  Either you are for Jesus Christ of Nazareth or you are not, and I can read your heart.  So there is no way of you lying.  Remember the coming of the Star.  Remember the end is before you.