1748. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 August 2003 at 1 PM in Spanish.

Hear, hear My son, here comes the hatchet, the hatchet. Yes, here comes the hatchet. How is it going? How is it going? The time is hot. Yes, the time is hot. I am going to cut, yes, I am going to cut the fingers, the hands of the pastor that is living with a man and I am going to cut his throat for I am going to send him to the place that is hot.

Hear Me! Hear Me! The Bible is straight and to the point. I am going to save what is clean, the rest I am going to send to the place where it is hot, to the pit. What a shame! What a shame! What a shame! The church of this pastor is crazy to think that they can place a man like this in the House of God. It has arrived, the hatchet has arrived, the hatchet that is going to cut all that is not Mine. The time has arrived, the time of God. People who read the Bible know the good manners and the bad manners and if they know and they do what is wrong I am going to use My Hatchet. Yes, Reymundo, it has arrived the time of the hatchet.

I know the problems of the House of God. They seek and they run after the devil. They want to give him embraces and kisses in the mouth. But all that the devil is going to do is he is going to eat them head first - like a snake. If you play with the devil - you live with the devil. I have told you with many prophecies - that the House of God is blind and dumb. They see what they want. They hear what they want and they do what they want. But here comes My Hatchet and it is going to cut all to the root of what is bad, what is sin.

The people of the world believe that I do not hear, that I do not see what is happening. What they are doing. They believe God does not have Force, but here comes My Hand and My Hand is going to correct all. All the people who run after this pastor with their extended arms are going to go, they are going to live with the pastor - with the devil. Because I tell them and I tell them and I tell them and they do not hear Me! They want to do the things of man and place the Name of God in front of everyone. Believing that because they place the Name of God on it, it is what God is going to do. If you want to live with the devil - I will help you. If you seek the devil, I will help you because you are crazy! Like those demons who ran after him. There is no difference. (over)

Note: This prophecy is about Episcopal Church and Rev. V. Gene Robinson (Episcopal pastor). His church is trying to have him voted in as a bishop. This prophecy has nothing to do with this vote. It has to do with the Church's leadership.