1730. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 March 2003 at 6 AM

I was in a deep sound sleep, when the Lord awoke me with a vision of a white egg that was cracked about one third down from the top.

The Lord said to me, "Awake up and go downstairs."

I said Lord, "I am to tired and sleepy, let me sleep a little longer, and then I will go downstairs."

Then the Lord said, "Now, come on get up and go downstairs."

I said, "Do I really have too, I am so tired."

Then Lord said, "Yes."

So I made my way downstairs, still half asleep. When I got downstairs to my office, I checked my e-mail and I found nothing, but junk e-mail.

So I asked the Lord again, "What am I suppose to do?" and the Lord said nothing.

So I asked the Lord, "Can I lay down on my sofa bed?"

The Lord said, "Yes."

So I laid down and I began to wonder, what was going on?

So I asked the Lord, "What does this cracked white egg mean?"

Then the Lord said, "The cracked white egg means, nonsense."

Well, I could not figure this out - so I went back to sleep. (over)