1717. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 January 2003 at 7 am.

We took the plane from Cairo, Egypt at 1:45 am to Johannesburg, South Africa via Harare, Zimbabwe.

The Lord said, "Don't worry. We have to liberate the forces of good."

At 11 am we met Bill, and later his friend Sally, from our e-mail list in Johannesburg.


1717-1. Occurrence, Visions and Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 Tuesday, 2003 at 11 PM

During Communion and Prayer:

The Lord told me to anoint a high place in Johannesburg.

The Lord said, "Seek and ye shall find."


The Lord showed me a chrome bumper, which reminded me of an old VW curved bumper, with 4 icicles hanging down from it. As the car started moving the icicles fell off.


I saw some hot flowing lava or a forest fire in the jungle. It was moving forward and downhill.


I could see many, many junk boats (Honk Kong harbor style) full of people which were being paddled away on a river. They seemed to be trying to escape from something.


Then I saw a gray whirlwind circling counterclockwise over the ground. It was high up and wide.

Vision and Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 January, 2003

The Lord gave me a vision of a horse drawn buggy, with no horse. As I watched it, the left wheel fell off.

Then the Lord said: "Supper". (over)

Vision: At night I had a vision of a high place and of a pyramid pile of rocks.

1717-2. Occurrence, Visions and Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 January 2003


During prayer the Lord took me in the spirit to what I believe was a view from all over the world. I could see people in this Muslim country, they were all gathering their goods and they seemed to be running out of this city. I saw the same thing happening in an Oriental city. People seemed to be running for their lives with whatever they could carry. Then I saw a Japanese city with the same thing happening. Then the Lord took me over Europe and the same thing was happening in these cities. It looked like people were gathering their families and their goods and moving as quickly as possible from their homes. In every city the streets were crowded with people going every which way. I am sure the Lord was showing me different parts of the world, but why? Though, I am not sure if it was during the same time period, but these were large movements of people. All of these cities were on the run.


Then later, I saw a bull with u-shaped horns. (over)


The power comes from high. Remember, the power comes from high - high above. The blitz - they will hit South Africa. It will be like a fire storm mowing across the country. The breakdown in communications will be fast. The high towers will fall. The screams, the yelling, the blood will move from city to city, from town to town. The ground will cry from the falling blood.

Seek thee the Kingdom of God first. Know your Bible. Remember, I only protect what is Mine, clearly and to the point. Remember, everything will move like a whirlwind; swift and fast, from high to low. The power of the devil will be swift. Remember the writings on the wall. Colonel.

1717-3. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 January 2003

In the morning we went to Mt. Zion (A Christian Prayer Mountain) which is on the east side of Johannesburg. We went to see if this was the place to anoint. It seemed okay, but something in my spirit wasn't right.


I saw a cloud mass in the spirit with orange and yellow colors. This cloud mass seemed to be like clouds in a spiritual battle.


Then Lord said, "The devil is mad because we're looking for the anointing spot and there is a battle about this anointing."


I still could not spiritually sense this was the place to anoint. It had all of the spiritual things I had seen earlier in a vision, but something was not right and I could not figure it out in the spirit. So Carl, Bill, and I prayed and the Lord gave me a vision of binoculars and an engineer's level.


I got the letter K just before we went to anoint Johannesburg.

Since I could not be sure if this was the anointing place we decided to go to a place called North Cliff. So we left to the northwest side of Johannesburg; a high place called North cliff, and on the way there the Lord said, "The timing is important."

On the drive there the Lord said, "Didn't I tell you I would send you helpers?"

This reminded me of all the times where I doubted the Lord, and the Lord kept telling me over and over He would send people to help me. When we arrived we found this large water tower and we began our walk behind the water tower on a path along the high ridge.

As we walked the Lord kept telling me, "Come a little closer. Come a little closer."

After walking for some distance we found ourselves walking on top of the rocks.

Then Lord said, "Build it."

I asked the Lord, "Where, where, there are thousands of rocks here?"

Then the Lord said, "You are standing on it. Build yourself an Altar of rocks, then pour all the oil from the bottle and leave the bottle upside down on top of the altar."

So we built a small pile of rocks on top of this larger rock.



While we were building the rock Altar I heard the devil say: "No, no!"

Then the Lord said, "East, east".

East, from the stone Altar was towards a wealthy suburb. As we were leaving I found something interesting, the skin of a dead snake just a few feet below the piled rocks, we had just anointed. I also felt this spiritual turbulence after the anointing of South Africa.

Later we went to Pretoria, South Africa's capital.


The next day Bill took us to a South African gold mine so we could make some money for the ministry. (smile)

Below was our work crew.  We had a nice day once the Lord's work was finished.


1717-4. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on Wednesday 22 January 2003 at 6:45 PM

I was in bed and praying to the Lord about this anointing of a round circle in Africa. I was wondering whether it was the same thing as the anointing of the round circle in Israel.

The Lord repeated: "Mark it, mark it, mark it..." The Lord must have said it sixty times, over and over.

Then the Lord said: "You are My secretary. Mark it, mark it".

For some reason I began to feel very bad in my spirit for I had been sensing death all around me during the whole African Mission Trip.

I said to the Lord, "I really feel bad inside and I do not know how to deal with this deep sadness. I don't want to be a part of, or responsible, for millions of people dying. I really feel bad for things that are going to happen in this place or this continent.

Then the Lord said, "Once you have Anointed the two places in Kenya that will complete the circle. Then, I am going to begin the killing."

I said, "Lord I don't want to take part in the killing of people!"

Then the Lord said with a stern Voice, "You are not killing them. I am!"

Then He said, "The people that I kill are the children that come of prostitutes."

Then the Lord showed me a vision of a woman's vagina.

Then the Lord said: "These are the children of prostitutes".

I was so upset I got out of bed and went into Bill's living room and tried to join in on their conversation. No matter how hard I tried to converse with them, I felt like I was swimming in death. Not only swimming, but like it was inside of me - in my flesh and bones, even in the inside of my spirit. Finally, I could not take it anymore and I broke down and began to cry like a fool in front of my friends, and no matter how hard I tried to stop, I just could not stop crying down into the depths of my spirit. So I just got up and went to my bedroom and cried and cried until there was no more to cry about. There's just no way of describing all of these feelings of death. It was like I was lying with dead bodies below and above me, - like one of those dead bodies in Hitler's death camps.

1717-5. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 of January 2003, at 3:20 AM

The Lord gave me a vision of a volcano being formed. As I was watching it, it rose into a mountain, and it was spilling ash. (over)


Carl wanted to fly with Bill in his microlight aircraft (for fun).

I prayed to the Lord about it, whether he should do it or not.

The Lord gave me the Word: "Stay".

Then a little later the Lord gave me the Word: "Stop".

I tested the spirits to see if it was God and it passed the test.

Then the Lord said: "Tell Carl to stop at his tracks". (over)

1717-6. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 January 2003 at 6:45 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of a large head of a goat. It was a sculpture. It was very high and a part of an ornament of a building. The head of the sculpture of the goat was about sixty to seventy feet high. The goat's horns spread out for a long distance from the top of his head. The horns were curved. Then on the top of the goat was this building. It had kind of a tunnel over its back. As I watched, I saw this elephant walking over the top of the goat. There was a hallway that looked like a tunnel of some sort. The elephant was walking from the back towards the head. The building was sort of white colored stone or marbled. (over)

1717-7. Prophecy and Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 January 2003 at 8:50 PM

During communion with Carl and Bill the Lord told us to light a candle during our prayer time.

Then the Lord said, "The peace will be broken."


I had a vision of a naval, military ship on the water. It had a smokestack and the smokestack was an enormous lit torch. Then the torch turned into an enormous, lit candle, which turned into a candlestick with 3 candleholders, but there was only one candle in the middle of the candleholder. Then the center candle turned into the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty grew straight up and was enormous, - bigger than the ship. The Statue was holding a torch.


I saw a large hovercraft boat with two pontoon skis. It was skimming the water very fast.

Then the Lord said, "The Ark of the Covenant will be fulfilled."

1717-8. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 of January, 2003 at 10:30 PM

Now hear Me and listen clearly. The point of impact will happen in the sands. The fury of the devil is fierce, but it can not overcome the Power of Jesus, the Power of the Angels. It will be an event that the whole world will see, will feel, will experience. Many will die. Many will be surprised, but there is a God on the battlefields. But many of the Battles will be in your minds, where the demons will infest their thoughts on your day to day life. Do not worry, for Jesus Christ of Nazareth can protect what is His. Some will go mad. Many will run from cities and hide, for the madness will spread like a wildfire. Remember My Promises, - even though you see the dead. My Word will not come back void, - even during your doubts.

The Hammer will hit the Sickle at six o'clock. Then the Bomb will go off. Remember the Hammer, remember the Sickle, remember the dead, remember your Father in Heaven, remember Jesus Christ of Nazareth, remember the Holy Spirit. Come, come ye o faithful Children of God. The Day is coming; it is before your eyes. Read the Bible, pray and pray and pray until you can not speak or walk. For the calamities of the world are at hand and only those that are at the watchtower, those that have the oil for their lamps will be saved. Many will be called, but only a few will be chosen. The power of the Hammer will be heavy, the Sickle is sharp. The reaping will begin at six o'clock when the Bomb goes off. The tears will flow like rivers. Remember: If you belong to Me, you are under My Wings, under My Protection.

The devil will roam like a wild dog, devouring, destroying anything in its path. You would never believe the things that you will see. Some will take years for completion; some will be in a microsecond. The end is set, the clock is ticking, the Power of Jehovah's Hand will squash; eliminate all that is dirty, all that is not His. I am not playing games, I am dead serious. Stop playing church, seek your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul. The ways of man are finished. The ways of this world are finished. The Avenue to Heaven is being cleaned, swept, ready for the Flock. I am the God of gods, the Power of power, all that you see, all that you touch, all that is. I have grown weary and tired of all that I have seen; the lies, the killing, the idolatry. I created you clean, pure. The pollution is so great, at times I regret creating you. But I will clean what needs to be cleaned, rebuild what has to be rebuilt. Remember: Jehovah does not lie. Jehovah is the Power of power, with the Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Spirit.

Come, come My Children. Read the Bible, pray, for your hour has come. With the Power and Vengeance of God you will see the Power of God in a mighty flash. Everyone on the planet will see at the same time Jesus coming with His Angels in the spirit world. Many will fall on their knees and cry, many will curse, many will defy; many will blasphemy because they do not believe in Jesus Christ. It does not matter what religion. I will eliminate what needs to be eliminated. At a twinkling of an eye it will be done. This is your Father Jehovah, with Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit speaking as ONE with all the Power and the Might that there is. Be ready; be prepared, for the end is before you. (over)

Prophecy, Later:

For what is going to happen is going to happen rapidly, and to the point. Stay put, do not move to the right, to the left, or behind. For there is a War in Heaven surrounding you and protecting you, for Satan is mad. I will tell you when you can go and where you can go. But for right now, you stay put. Did you write that down? Did you put it in your heart? Do I have to tell you again? Open your eyes open your ears, stay put. So saith Jehovah, so saith Jesus Christ of Nazareth, so saith the Holy Spirit.


I saw a black cobra standing ready to strike. Then something came and cut its head off and then sliced its body lengthwise. Then the cobra turned into a cobra looking sphinx.

1717-9. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 January 2003 at 9:15 PM.

During our prayer time with Bill and Carl I had these visions.

I saw these visions when Carl prayed:


I saw a tire track on the ground.


I saw a wooden mallet.


I saw a fox with a black collar around his neck with a black flashlight on the collar pointing to the right and down.

I saw these visions when Bill prayed:


I had a sense of a lot of power. I saw some trees and bushes that were standing upright, and then I saw them blow over to about a 30 degree angle.


I saw a long wooden stringed instrument. It looked like a violin - it had wooden knobs for tightening the strings.


At 10 PM while we were driving to the airport I had a vision of a black cobra's head. It was the same one I had seen before. The cobra's tail was waving.