African Mission Notes


1714. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 January 2003 at 2AM.

We left on the 9th of January and arrived at Senegal's Dakar airport at 2 am on the 11th after about 28+ hours of flying.  When we arrived we found a madhouse of taxi hustlers and at one point two of them began to fist fight for our business.  Finally, we were taken to our Hotel Oceanic where we both were so tired we slept until 4 pm.  This began our first day in Africa.

1714-1. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 January 2003 at 6:30 PM.

Lord said, "Anoint any place in Senegal, for the whole country is polluted (sinful).  The place does not matter."

1714-2. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 January 2003 at 10 PM.

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of a whole cut-up chicken on a dinner plate.


Then the Lord said, "Do not eat Chicken". 

1714-3. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 January 2003 at about 3 PM.

The anointing of Senegal:

Earlier the Lord had instructed us that we could anoint anyplace in Senegal so we began a search for an anointing place.  We took a taxi to a large hotel looking for an internet service so we could check our e-mail.  The hotel did not have an internet service open, but we did see a sign on the main street so we headed in that direction, but it was not long before we found ourselves surrounded by three men trying to sell us their goods.  They followed us wherever we went.  Once we found the internet office and checked our e-mails, we left for the main part of town.  Well, we found ourselves once again surrounded by these street vendors.  We were trying to find an anointing place, but with these men following us we found it very difficult.  Finally, Carl ran the last vendor off in the center of this large park called "Place de I' Independence" in the middle of town.  Carl's guide book considered this place "the city's heart".  From here there were major streets leading in all directions. 

There we found some grass in this Park and anointed the country of Senegal.

street sellers


Taxi driver and Tour guide

Carl likes to photograph Ray eating.


1714-4. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 January 2003 at 1:15AM.

The Lord showed me a large white building with pillars in front, with low sloping hills in the background. This white building was sitting in a low valley with trees and gardens around it. It had a dome for a roof which looked like it was made of frosted glass. It was not a high dome roof. The building was very white.

Then the Lord gave me a vision of a narrow street. It could have been somewhere in Senegal. But what I saw was this man carrying stretchers of bodies of people that looked like they had been burned down to the skeleton. It was a frightening sight to see.

1714-5. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 January 2003.

The fall will happen fast and quickly, in one day. It will come from the east with power and might. Listen to the prophecies; - Word by Word they will reveal themselves with the Power of Jehovah, the Power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Power of the Holy Spirit. It is coming from the east, for the west is asleep. Arm yourselves with the Word of God. Pray, Pray, Pray, for the Power, the Might is in the Word of Jehovah. People of Senegal, remember; - from the east, from the east! Open your eyes. Open your ears. Without warning it will manifest them selves in a cloud, a cloud of evilness, a pointed cloud. So saith Jehovah. So saith Jesus Christ. So saith the Holy Spirit.

Tongues: secretary...

I saw the point of a needle or pin and the Lord said, "When the needle pops the balloon, it makes a sound that is frightening. That sound will cover the West Coast of Africa - the sound of popping, the frightening sound. Remember My Words! The evil forces are planning - are instruments of the devil - are negotiating a false peace.


I saw a dark city being flooded. Water was all over the place, the city looked dark and black with tall and small buildings submerged in water.


I saw the symbol of an arm and a hammer.


I saw visions of pure white storks. It looked like they were stuck in oil or black mud of some sort along the beach, but only their feet were in this black stuff.

Then I saw this small two engine plane flying over what looked like the jungle, but the jungle wasn't green, - it was all black. The plane was flying low into some clouds. It was almost like it was looking at the black stuff below, or checking it out, I am not sure.


I saw someone holding a telephone, a red phone. Trying to call for help, but all the telephone lines were dead.


I saw a vision of what looked like a stone castle, but it was as large as a two story house. It was under a large tree. I do not know what kind of tree it was, but it was covering this stone building. The building looked like it was made of soft 2 x 3 foot stones with a rough texture. The castle was hidden under the tree.

1714-6. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 January 2003 at 9:45 PM.

I saw a horse standing, but stretching its neck as far as it could towards the ground, trying to eat some grass or hay of some kind. As I watched, he stretched as far as he could. Then he slowly disappeared; - became transparent and vanished.

1714-7. Occurrence and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 January 2003 at 2:40 AM.

The Lord gave me instructions to stay at my hotel and not to leave it for the next day and a half and to focus on Him. He said the Mission was important and He wanted me to pray, read the Bible and stay focused, because of the importance of the Mission.

Then He gave me a vision of a white goose with no eyes, carrying a dark army on it's back; - soldiers with weapons of all sorts. I don't understand the vision but that's what I saw. (over)


The Lord gave me a vision of some sort of a round kettle, almost like a ball. It had a little opening at the top, about an inch and a half in diameter at the very top. Then someone took the cover off the small top and I could see white molten metal or something. It was so hot that it was in liquid form. I don't know what kind of metal it was, but it was bubbling and boiling inside this round ball kettle.


During prayer the Lord showed me two all white American civil war canons (the canons that were carried on wooden carts with wooden wheels). They were shooting canon balls as we prayed. As I watched this I saw a black man standing behind the canons with a Moslem turban on, he was looking indignant with his hands on his hips.


I saw an image of this city, Dakar, being shaken violently as if in an earthquake.


Then I saw a bare tree with no leaves or bark with a small bird on a branch. Then the Lord said, "Look, even the birds are aware of what is going on."


I saw a five bladed circular air fan with one blade missing.


I saw a scorpion and a spider with a gray back.


During prayer the Lord showed me a stockyard with holding pens on the right and left of this muddy dirt road. I could see wagon tracks in the mud.


Carl and I kept praying. We prayed for the breaking of the power of Islam and bondages over people. Then the Lord gave me this vision of a white massive cloud in the sky, and the cloud was shooting cloud beams down unto the darkness below.


The Lord showed me a vision of a bull with ears of a goat.


Earlier I had to put on my earplugs because I kept hearing my wristwatch ticking on the table next to me. No matter what I did I heard the ticking, I could not sleep. So I put on the earplugs. Now I keep hearing the beat of my heart and now that is keeping me awake for some reason. I don't know if it's important, but I'm noting it.


The car will explode when the Camel smiles. Remember, the car will explode when the Camel smiles. Remember, the Camel can go many days without water. Its soft feet walk firmly but strong on the ground, but when the Camel smiles, the car will explode. So saith Jehovah, so saith Jesus Christ, so saith The Holy Spirit. The things that are round are really square and the things that are square - are evil, are pointed. Remember the square; remember the fire, the smiling Camel. With a vengeance they will strike at the Heart of the City. Yes, yes, yes. (over)


I saw an image of a submarine on the surface of the water. I am not sure, but it looked like it was firing at something. I don't know if it was early morning or early evening, but I saw flashes in the sky. The sky was not completely dark. It was like something was being shot at in the sky. Like I said, I'm not sure if the submarine was shooting or not, but from the standpoint of where I was standing in the spirit I could see the submarine on the water surface with these flashes high above in the sky. (over)


I saw the silhouette of a dark, black mountain. I could see that the sky behind the mountain was illuminated. The whole sky was radiating with white light almost as if there was a big fire on the other side of the mountain, or maybe a lit city. Or something was on fire. For some reason the Lord did not let me see what was on the other side of the mountain, because there were these big black rocks on top of the mountain blocking my view. But I could see the vision of the silhouette of the mountain with something very bright happening on the other side. (over)


The Lord showed me something that looked like a cruise ship at night. It was large, but from where I was standing the waves were high and the ship was moving towards me. I saw lightning striking in the background. The ocean was very rough, high, and when the lightning struck it illuminated the black background. (over)


I saw possibly the same submarine as before, I'm not sure, but it was being tossed in the high seas. It was on the surface of the water.

I could see some sort of a helicopter. I don't know if it was on a pier or on an aircraft carrier, but the seas were high, dark and shaking the pier or aircraft carrier - what ever it was. I couldn't tell from the angle I was viewing it.

I saw somebody trying to shoot an artillery weapon of some sort. They kept trying to shoot it, but the end of it, where the projectile comes out, was blocked or covered with something. They kept trying to shoot it but nothing came out. I don't know why it didn't explode. It was just a useless piece of machinery. (over)


I saw this horse pulling this wire wheel wagon of some sort. It reminded me of the buggies in the western days. It was pulling this buggy over railroad tracks. The buggy looked very light; the horse seemed to be moving very quickly. (over)

1714-8. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on Tuesday 14 January 2003 at 4:20 am.

The Lord said: "The hammer will strike the sickle". (over)