1712. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 November 2002.

During prayer we asked the Lord when we should leave for the African Mission Trip. The Lord said, "Go on 10 January 2003 or 10 December 2002."


The Lord said, "The Cup!"

Then the Lord said, "Remember, the members of ones own family could become an enemy."

Then the Lord said, "When the cat jumps in the cradle."

I asked the Lord if there was anything I should tell the e-mail list, and the Lord said, "Tell them I am coming soon."


Then the Lord gave me a vision of a bird with a crooked beak. The beak was in the shape or looked like when a seated person crosses his legs.


The Lord showed me a vision of a person laying face up with his left arm out and hand facing up covered with smallpox's, then someone drove a large nail or spike into the crease where the elbow bends.