1691. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 August 2002 at 10:52 PM in Spanish.


It is I, son! It is, I! Hurry, write what I tell you to the point! Yes, there he is - the black man. There he is! Right now, he is seeking the things of the devil, with the flame of the devil. There is a point that I want to tell you. Yes, yes! He is going to seek a man from the government of Spain, so he can help him. This man is going to change the way he thinks. He is going to think of how the law is going to help him. Yes. But now, he is only seeking manners, the manners of the devil. This man from Spain has the money, he has the help, he has everything that this man of color needs.

One day it is going to rain. There is going to be a storm - the storm of the devil is going to help him. There are going to be many things that are going to be destroyed. With everything that happens, the man of color, is going to place his hand to help people with all that they need. There are going to be people, who are going to drown with all of the water. Houses are going to fall. This man of color is going to help the people, and in that way the war is going to start with the Christians. For these people are going to believe that this man of color is an angel, but he is an angel of the devil. But the people do not know.

Yes, Reymundo, it has started the things of the man of color with the man from Spain. But look - there is going to be another storm and the storm is going to be of money. For much money is going to fall his way and with this money he is going to get the force to move the "país" (could be a - country, nation, land, or region) the "país" of the devil.

Yes, write it. Write it all! It has arrived, the flame of the devil, but the Angels of your Father have arrived. The Angels that are going to protect all that is Mine. Hurry, write it, write it all! For here comes the flame of the man of color. Oh, he is so bad. But he believes he is like an angel. But it is not important, for I am going to fix everything in the manner of God. Yes, My son, here comes the storm of money, the storm of water. Yes, here comes the force of the man of color. Hurry, write the Words of your Father. (over)


Yes, Reymundo, all is going to happen in Congo, in Congo - all - of the Words. Exactly to the point!