1663. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 December 2001 at 6 AM in Spanish.

How is it going? How is it going, My son? It has arrived the time of God with the Love of God. It has arrived. Yes, it has all arrived that I have told you with the Flame of God. All is pointed, all is happening like the Word of God that was said before, many years ago. People have to read the Bible. They have to point their noses toward heaven. It has arrived; the things of God have arrived!

The shaman has arrived! Yes! The shaman has arrived, the shaman of the devil. He has arrived! Oh, oh, oh, how evil is the shaman! He believes he knows it all, but he knows nothing. You know what? I am going to take My Thumb and I am going to flatten him like an ant. Yes - it has arrived the day of the shaman.

All of the rats are going from hole to hole hiding themselves with fear. They believed they knew it all, but they know nothing - only the word of the devil. That is the way it is with the rats. They believe they know it all, but they know nothing and they are filthy. Here comes the button, the button that is going to close the holes with the Flame of God, I tell you the truth. It has arrived Words of God to the point.

It gives me tears to do the things I have to do, but the sin is the sin! The people of the United States have to learn that the days of the sin - they have to stop. If they do not stop the sin to the point, I am going to correct the United States with the rest of the world. I am tired of the sin, the sin of the eyes, the sin of the mouth, the sin of the hands, of the body. Here comes My Hand to the point.

Yes, Reymundo, the day is going to be, is coming very rapidly, that I am going to frighten the world to the point. It has arrived, the fright of God. I tell people to read the Bible, to seek Me, but they do not believe and they do not seek the Word of God with the Heart of God. All that they know is the sin and the devil. Yes - it has arrived, the things of God pointed with the Flame of all that is correct. Hurry (come on), sleep and rest for We have to write the Word of God to the point, My son, My beloved. Rest! (over)