1660. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 November 2001 at 11:45 AM.

This country and I could use some serious prayers. I received an unusual thick registered letter a week or so ago stating it was from a Muslim man who had converted to Christianity by reading Prophecy Book 1. I believe this letter is a con game. This man stated he wants to donate $670,000 to the ministry and he also wanted me to help him bring his two sons into the United States. He said he wants his sons to go to Christian school to study to be pastors. He wants my bank account information and phone number (the con). I have received many similar e-mails like this in the past. The letter came from Nigeria, Africa. I do not believe a poor Muslim country like this would send this kind of money to America for a Christian purpose. So I turned the letter over to the United States Post Office so they could check it out.

Well, yesterday and today, I began to get flu type symptoms. Even though I trust in the Lord, the Lord did give us doctors to help us. So I went to Kaiser Hospital to get checked out for Anthrax, but they did not want to test me. The doctor said the FBI would have to be called and the hospital would have to be closed off and he went on and on stating all of his reasons. So I went home and called the doctor I used to go to before I joined Kaiser, and He told me about the same thing (no test). But they said they would have another doctor call me. This second doctor said the same thing "No test". Though they would check me out for the flu and that would be all they could do.

So I called my US Representative (Congressman) George Miller's Office and they have been trying to find a place that would test me, but they are having the same problem. They called the county and they received the answer "no test". Then Congressman's Office gave me the phone number of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but they told me the same thing the doctors did. No test unless - I guess you are half dead. I can truly tell you this country is not prepared for this kind of Anthrax problem. Please pray the Lord's will - will be done. God bless you all.