1658. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 31 October 2001 at 1:40 AM.

I am, I am, I am, I am what you see. I am what you touch. I am what you smell. I am everything. I am Pure. I am Clean. I am Righteous. I am Truthful. The things of the world are so mixed up. What is up is down! What is down is up! The devil is clever, but the devil has lost! Everything belongs to Me, and Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit. Nothing happens without Us being aware of it. What is in the heart? What is in the mind? There are no secrets from Us.

The evil that is going on in the world is the instrument of the devil. The devil uses people. The devil uses religions. He uses idols. He uses everything that is unrighteous. He uses lies. He tries to kill. He tries to destroy everything that is good. Everything that he sees everything that he touches. At the present time people are dying. People are starving. The devil does not care! He believes he is winning, but he has already lost and he knows it. But he is so evil he doesn't care. He is going to die and he is going to fight to the very last second trying to destroy, trying to kill, trying to eat everything that is good and everything that is righteous. He uses father against son. Mother against daughter. Husband against wife. Sons and daughters against their parents. Brothers and sister against each other. Every conceivable way that he can use to get his purpose done.

Well, I have had enough. Enough is enough - I am going to put an end to all of it! All the players have their roles, everything is in place, the slaughter will begin just like it is stated in the Bible. People believe you are crazy Reymundo. They believe you make this thing up with your own mind, your own intellect. They will be sadly mistaken when the end comes. Through all the years, through all the centuries, I have warned people and warned people, but there is a lot of pride and a lot of stubbornness. People want to do their own thing. You tell people, Reymundo, the truth. They laugh at you. They call you names. They send you nasty letters. Let them say what they want!

The people around you are not really helping you. When you want to pray they disturb you. When you want to be alone they bother you. When you want to do the Lord's work you get disturbed, the phone rings, someone comes in and asks a stupid question. All of these things are instruments of the devil. He is trying to stop you Reymundo. He is trying to stop you from typing. He wants to stop you reading the Bible. He does not want you to have peace. Let him try what he wants, but the Word that has been given out already is touching people's hearts. It is setting them on fire with the Fever of Jehovah, the Fever of Jesus Christ, the Fever of the Holy Spirit.

Did you hear how much money the Red Cross collected? Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars and here you are struggling just to make things (ends) meet. And yet Reymundo the Words you have sent out are going to do more healing, they are going to do more than the Red Cross has ever done - you with your little computer, and your little tape recorder, with your prayers. I know it is a lonely job. I know the funds are short, but I know your heart is big and I know that you are focused even when you do not think you are not focused. But everything that I have told you will happen, exactly to the point, to the letter.

The end is coming. All these plans of all these people mean nothing. Only what your Lord Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit say - is what is important! People do not understand that, because they do not know God. They have God in a box and they control the box. They control what their god does, does not do. What he can do. What he won't do. They will be sadly mistaken when the God of the universe, the God of all destroys their box.

Sometimes things look hopeless. Sometimes things look like there is no solutions, but the solution is Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The times are coming where - that is all you will have is your God. Whether it is the god of idols, the gods of the devils - or your God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is the battle of the Gods, but in reality there is only one God. The rest are nothing, but as long as people believe in these artificial things, these fantasies, there is going to be confusion.

There is going to be wars, but I have told these things before through other prophecies and visions. People still do not want to hear, do not want to understand. They are all busy picking up stones trying to disprove you. Some have a lot of anger, but that is OK, Ray. All will come out right and do not worry about your family and your wife and all of these other people that distract you. You are in the Palm of My Hand. I will correct things. Some things will be corrected severely, some will be disciplined lightly, but people have to understand we are reaching a time, a point in time, where there is no tomorrow in earthly tomorrows.

Everything is going to change. The spirit world is going to change. Humanity is going to change. There will be peace after a certain point in time. Where people will have, lets say a thousand years to try to understand what is righteous, but that does not mean that everything is going to be perfect. For the devil will be released again and what people believe is righteous is going to be corrupted again one more time. Then I am going to change everything again, but this final cleansing will be a permanent cleansing. Where everything that needs to be accounted for will be accounted for. You could say this is where I cross all the (t's) and dot all the (i's). It will be letter perfect.

Make yourself strong, Reymundo for people are beginning to recognize the prophecies. Some are just waiting and watching, but do not worry about what will happen for that is My Problem and I have No Problems. Thank you for all the hard work. I know your struggles. The changes that are ahead will happen quickly and suddenly without any warning, but I have warned people and I have warned them and they still want to do their own thing. So be it! So be it! Rest My little son and go to sleep, we will talk on another day. (over)