1650. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 September 2001 at 2 PM in Spanish and English.


How is it going? How is it going, My son? How is it going? Yes! It has happened! All that I have told you that was going to happen. Yes! It has happened - all of it, exactly as I told you with the Word of God. Here comes the machines. Here comes the bombs. Here comes the guns. All the things have started. Yes! They have arrived! They have arrived to the point! Exactly - they have arrived. The day is coming of the bodies that are going to die to the point.

It hurts My Heart - My Eyes have Tears - for the things that are going happen. I tell the world and I tell the world, but they do not believe Me. The day of the body has arrived! More things are going to happen, and they are going to start other things - one by one, body by body.

The devil is hungry for the Blood of My Son. There are the dogs with their teeth pointed. Yes! It has started, the things I have told you years ago, and still people do not believe you, Reymundo. They STILL do not believe you! What a shame! What a shame!

There is a dog that is going into a hole (or cave) in the ground. He is going to hide - this dog. For he is afraid. He tells the world he is not afraid, but he is afraid. For he knows that the things of God are going to happen. Exactly! Yes! All of the dogs are going to have holes (or caves), and they are going to enter and they are going to hide. For here comes the bullet. Here comes the bomb seeking the things that are bad to the point. But the devil cannot wait, he likes, he likes the war. But there are things that are going to happen pointed, to the point, with the Flame of God - everything is going to happen.

Hear Me with your ears CLEARLY and POINTED! When your God tells you a Word it is going to happen. It is not important if man believes it or not. The things of God are the things of God. I am going to stop the things in all parts of the world.

For I have to clean up the House of God. All of the pastors, all of the churches speak with pretty words, but I tell you exactly and to the point - they have to clean up their mouths, their hands, their eyes, their hearts. All of the pastors have to clean themselves in the Manner of God. Exactly! You know and I know - that many of them tell lies! They do not believe what they say - themselves. The church of the Body of My Son, they have to repent. They have to read the Bible. They have to eat the Communion. They have to seek the sons in the street. They have to do the things of God to the point. The day of the word of man they have to STOP! They have to begin with the Word of God to the point. I am not playing a game that I say one thing and I do another. What I say is going to happen. The church has to clean up to the point - RIGHT NOW- in all parts of the world!

For it has arrived! It has arrived! It has arrived! - All of the things of the prophecies that I gave Reymundo. The war is one thing, but there are going to be earthquakes. There are going to be storms. And here comes the star. People do not believe the Word of God. For they do not know - God! They do not know the Bible. They do not know the Word. They do not know the Manner of God. Exactly! I sent My Son to save those who have the faith - those who love Him with their heart.

Here comes the blood. Here comes everything that is filthy, the dogs with their pointed teeth, with the devils, with all that is filthy. They are going to hide in their holes, for I am going to bury them in their holes. They believe they are valiant. They believe they know all, but they do not know anything. "I", the Father with the Son, and with the Holy Spirit know ALL! Nothing happens in hiding. I know ALL! What is in the heart. What is in the mind. All the things they are studying, all the things they are putting on (planning). I know! Nothing passes My Eyes, My Ears and My Heart.

Hurry world, open your eyes, open your ears, open you heart, read the Bible, eat the Communion, and point everything you have toward Heaven, toward your Father, toward the Son Jesus, toward the Holy Spirit. For the tears have arrived, the blood, and the war with the devil. If you believe Me or not, it is not important - for it is going to happen. And no one can stop the Word of God. No one can change the Word of God - I tell you clearly. I tell you to the point! I tell you with the Love of God, with the Love of the Son, of the Father, and of the Holy Spirit.

It has started - all that I have told you, Reymundo! You have to make yourself strong for there are going to be many people, who are not going to like you. There are many people who are going to help you with money, and with prayers. Yes, the Body of My Son is going to help you. But the body of man is not going to like you! And the body of the devil is not going to like you! But it is not important to you, if they like you or not - just do what I tell you to the point. I am going to help you with money, with the faith, with all that you need. If you sense Me or not - I am there. My Steps are your steps. For We have to clean up all of the world with the Word of God to the point.

I know that many people are going to be frightened with these Words. But for many years, you (Reymundo) have been telling people of the world to repent, to clean their minds, their hearts. But they do not hear Me. All that they know is to kill My Children before they are born. And they know how to sleep - men with men, women with women. And they tell so many lies, that no one believes the Truth. And the same thing goes for the pastors of the church of man. So many lies and they seek the money with the heart of the devil. Tears come from My Eyes when I see these things, but they have to do what they believe, and I have to clean up what I have to clean up, to the point, to the point. But all that I have to do, I am going to do with My Heart, with Love. For I know that man is not going to clean himself, and I have to clean him. It has started, THE END - The end of ends! People are not going to believe you, Reymundo, but it is the Truth.


Either, Either, Either they are on My Side or they are against Me. Listen to My Words; what is here is here! I knew this date - I knew this point in time, thousands of years ago. People say they love Me, but they turn their backs on Me and they follow the devil. They chase the devil. They say nice words about God, but their hearts are in other places. What a shame! What a shame! What a shame! For all I do is Love them and Love them and Love them, and they walk away hand in hand with the devil.

I am going to clean this planet from top to bottom, the blood will flow, the tears will flow. Everyone is going to cry, even the devil. For I am going to clean him from top to bottom too. The end is before you. Heaven is before you. Your Son Jesus Christ is before you - your Son is My Son - your body is My Body - your Holy Spirit is My Holy Spirit - for the believers of Jehovah, for the believers of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, for the believers of the Holy Spirit, the counselor, the provider.

Now - if your are a believer, tell your neighbor, tell your friends to pray, to seek the Kingdom of Jehovah, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit. The world is going to be tested. This is only the beginning. The birth pains - the birth pains of a New World, the birth pains of everlasting life. I do not know how many times I have told you, and in how many ways I have put it down, directly, in parables.

Remember the rainbow, My Promise. Remember the things of the Bible. Remember the Ten Commandments. Remember to Love thy brother. Remember that the devil is with you too! Remember your Father Jehovah, no matter what happens. No matter what comes your way, Jesus Christ of Nazareth will be there with you. The Holy Spirit will be there with you. Remember My Words, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. But We have to clean up this planet, and We know that you will not clean up yourself. So be it! So be it! So be it!

Remember My Words - I warned you, and I warned you, and I warned you to repent, to repent, to clean up your thoughts, clean up your actions, clean up your churches, seek the Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit with a pure and clean heart. Get in your closets and pray, pray and pray with a clean heart, a clean mind, and a clean body. We are there - We have always been there! But you never really looked. Many of you have never even prayed. Now that something bad is going to happen you seek God. Then once the catastrophe is gone - you stop looking - you stop seeking. It goes to show you that your heart is not clean, it is not pure, it is not seeking Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit with a pure heart. Your steps should be Godly Steps.

I am not saying that you cannot defend yourself. I am not saying there are not temptations out there. You must protect yourselves. But you have to have faith, you have to have trust in the Lord. Remember My Son - He died on the Cross for you. He sacrificed Himself through the shedding of His Blood. All He ever asked you is to obey the Father, to obey Him, to obey the Holy Spirit.

The world looks like Sodom and Gomorra. Sin upon Sin, upon Sin. The dogs will be dogs and they always return to their vomit to gorge themselves on the evilness of the devil. Beware of the dogs, beware of the devil. Get your eyes into the Bible. Get your heart pointed to Heaven, and I do not mean words, I mean your heart, deep in your heart.

So be it! So be it, My Children until the next time. Be strong, Be brave - and I MEAN BE STRONG AND BE BRAVE! Protect yourselves if you must, but use the Love of Jehovah, the Love of Jesus Christ, and the Love of the Holy Spirit to help your brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. And I mean the True Body, not man's church. What was under the water? Remember the Iceberg, it is going to be awaken with the Power of God, with the Word of Jehovah, with the Word of Jesus Christ, and with the Word of the Holy Spirit. And I Truly Love you My Children, My Lamp, My Sheep. So be it! So be it! (over)