1642. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 July 2001 at 6 PM.

Yesterday, while I was at the drug store I noticed a rack of watches. It crossed my mind to buy one, but then I decided to pray to the Lord instead to give me back my old lost watch.

This is what happened about 12 hours later: During the night I was awaken by the Lord and I felt my hand move over to the corner of my pillowcase and my hand squeezed on my lost watch. Immediately, I knew that the Lord was answering my earlier prayer. Like I have mentioned before I have had at least three occurrences about watches appearing or disappearing. This is very strange stuff! For I know, I really checked out my pillowcase at least three times, and there was no watch inside.

Also, Ron and I were speaking on the phone yesterday about how the future Internet Server (computer) purchase might be the vision of the half-finished communications tower in the Prophecy Book. Then Ron proceeded to tell me how he had found another possible confirmation in the Prophecy Book about my marriage to Eva. There was a vision and later a Word, and Ron said that the marriage happened right to the month it was predicted. Well, I told him to e-mail me his finding. Well I guess that is all for now! (over)