1638. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 June 2001 at 4 PM.

Subject: I am back from camping.

Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 08:12:54 -0700

From: Raymond Aguilera <ray@prophecy.org>

To: E-Mail list

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I am back home from camping. I am rested from computer work, but I am tired of driving my car. :>). Eva and I covered over 2400 miles across California, Oregon and Washington in seven days. I showed Eva most of the volcanoes in this area (Mt. Shasta, Mt St. Helen's, the Lava Beds, and Mt. Lassen). I did get some spiritual attacks at the Lava Beds and I wanted to come straight home, but the Lord told me there was some kind of spiritual turbulence there. We prayed and the next morning all went well. We were planning on going on to Idaho from Washington, then back down through Nevada to California, but the morning we were to leave, the Lord instructed me to go straight home by the way of Highway 5. For something named, "raemie" (not sure of the spelling) was going to try to ambush me. So we headed back as the Lord had instructed us.

Also all of our computers would not go online on our return. I finally restored my computer and Eva's, but the backup computer just will not go online. I guess - I am back to computer work. God bless all of you for all of the letters. Lately, I have been getting more and more letters from people from India, United Arab Emirates, Africa, South Africa and Europe seeking the Lord. This ministry seems to be breaking Satan's strong holds in these places. Brothers and Sisters that were into Hindu, Muslim or non-Christianity are finding the Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit through the Prophecies. Praise the Lord - for surely it was not anything I did. Praise you Lord.

yours in Christ,


Confirmation 29 June 2001:

After shopping for some paint for Eva, Eva and I went to the car to drive home. To my surprise the car would not start. The battery was dead! So I called my brother Ted to give my battery a jump-start. The car started all right, but it ran badly and would barely move. So I pulled the car off the road back to the parking lot. I remembered that I was parked in front of an automobile parts store. So I purchased a new battery and installed it there in front of the auto parts store.

After I finished installing the battery and we started for home, I mentioned to Eva that if we had not obeyed the Lord and gone straight home on Highway 5 from our camping trip, we would now be stranded in the middle of nowhere. We would probably be on some isolated road in the hills of Idaho. There was a little silence. We both realized at that moment how important it is to obey the Lord even though it does not make sense at the time. Praise the Lord again and again. We did break down, but we broke down in front of an auto parts store. Isn't the Lord GREAT!!!

(The Lord told us on our trip not to go to Idaho, but return home by Highway 5, because "reamie" was setting up an ambush for us in Idaho. Was this the ambush?)