1622. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 May 2001 at 5 PM.

I was working on the Italian web site, when Eva came into my computer room, and told me a story of what had just happened. She said this young man and his girlfriend drove to our yard and wanted to look closer at the large Christ sculpture that I have on my yard.

The young man told Eva he had driven by our house earlier, and seen the sculpture and started to cry. So today, he returned with his girl friend, and asked Eva if it was all right to come onto our yard and take a closer look at it. For some reason he was very touched by the Christ sculpture and said he was going to tell others about it.

I wonder if there isn't more to this and that he not only was touched by the Christ sculpture, but was also sensing the Power Forces around the house. For the prophecies are getting stronger and stronger and pointed. And there is also the devil that keeps hitting me personally, spiritually and financially. For he has surely hurt us this month. I know most people do not understand this, but it is the truth. Spiritual warfare is very real and people may get hurt or even die; if they do not stay focused on Jesus Christ. Then this morning as I was driving away from the Post Office the Lord instructed me to write down this occurrence. I have placed the full photograph of the Christ sculpture that appeared in one of our major newspapers on this web site. Unfortunately they did not write down the whole story behind the sculptures. The truth behind this newspaper article was this:

During this period in my life I was trying to make as many sculptures as possible. I was not really a practicing Christian at all. I guess I was more into the world. I do not remember why, but I decided to do a religious sculpture. So I went to my father's house and cut down two large branches from one of the trees on the side of his house. I took the branches to school where I was using their sculpture room to do most of my artwork.

I stripped all the leaves and waited for three months for the branches to dry. Then I fastened them together into a large cross and erected it vertically and placed it on top of the concrete floor. Then four months later, as I was trying to design the Christ onto the tree branches, I noticed small buds that were growing on the branches. I remember I kept cleaning them off over and over, but they kept coming back each time I removed them. Then this one time as I was speaking to Roman, the young man who was modeling for the Jesus' sculpture, I told him about the buds.

He said, "Why don't you let them grow and see what happens."

So as the months went by the branches grew and grew until they were about two to three feet high. By this time everyone in the College was coming by the art studio to look at this unusual sight. I had asked the local Catholic Church if I could display it on their church grounds and they said, "Yes". The sculptures were moved onto the church the day before Ash Wednesday. Then on Ash Wednesday all the branches died. Then later the local newspapers picked it up, and they placed photographs of it in their newspapers after all the figures were finished and setup. The sculptures were on display for about three months in the center of El Sobrante.

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