1618. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 May 2001 at 2:14 AM in Spanish.

Here comes the Letter of God to the point! Yes My son, here comes the letter of God with the money, with the point, with the Fever of God. I know that you do not believe Me! But all is going to go well. Here comes the letter. Here comes the Hammer. Yes, Reymundo, all is going well - to the point.

Here comes the Señor (mister or man) with blood on his teeth. Yes! He believes he knows it all, but he knows nothing! For when I will hit him, he is not going to have teeth. Did you hear Me My son? Here comes the man, who thinks he knows it all. He is going to speak with the words of the devil, but all that is going to happen - is his teeth are going to fall off. Yes, Reymundo! For all of the devil is going to be broken to the point.

Here comes a man (from the Middle East), who is going to come, and he is going to believe he is great also. But I am going to choke him with the hands of the devil. Your Father does not tell lies with the Son Jesus, the Christ, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. All is going to go well. Here comes the man I am going to choke with the Hands of God to the point.

Arm yourself, Reymundo! Arm yourself! The war around you is very powerful right now. It is very hard. But do not worry, all is in My Hands. There are many people that are mad with you, Reymundo. But that is the thing (the Problem) of God, for I am going to correct all to the point. Remember this! All the people who send out My Word - people do not like them. For they do not like God, they like the manner of man. And the manner of man is the manner of the devil. Yes, and that is the way of many in the churches. They like the manner of man, and the want the force of man - using the Word of God. But do not worry about things like this, for you are in My Hands and I protect what is in My Hands.

It has arrived all that I have told you to the point. I tell you these things with Love. I tell these things with the Word of My Son, with the Word of the Holy Spirit. It has arrived, the end of the man - the end of the devil with all of the sins of the both of them. Yes, here comes the Señor that I am going to choke. Yes, My son, it has arrived, the things of God! (over)