1608. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 April 2001 at 11:45 AM.

I want you to take this into your heart; there will be a time coming in the near future when the peace will be broken. The star will come, the fighting will begin, the end is around the corner. The Fox has begun his deadly journey to the pit, the horse will help him! Remember the dragon. Remember the end of this world!

Here comes the day of joy. Here comes the day of My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Here comes all that I have promised! But you have to make yourself strong. You have to make yourself brave, for during the time of the end will be violent, will be bloody. The peace will be broken, when I break the hourglass of this blessed generation. The problem is; the evil - the sinful nature - has grown without limits, without bounds. For it is stronger than what is Righteous, than what is Pure, than what is Mine. The end is before you, open those eyes, open those ears, open that heart.

For you will see and you will hear abominable things that you wouldn't believe could possibly happen, but they will be the common place for a period of time. Make yourself strong! Make yourself brave! Read the Bible - pray, and pray and pray and pray and pray and pray. For the Day of the End is Here. Even the elect will be fooled. But the ones that are humble, that are innocent, that repent, that have communion, that seek My Son with their hearts and not their lips will be Saved. For all the Glory and the Power belongs to Jehovah. I gave My Son the best of the fruits, of this little planet. He will be coming to pick up his fruit in a very...

(The rest of the tape was found to be blank and all I remember of the end of this prophecy was the last line that said, "So be it! So be it! I also tested the end of the recording tape and it was recordable, but for some unknown reason the end of this prophecy is missing.) (over)