1598. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 February 2001 at 11 AM.

My second South American Mission trip to Brazil was suppose to be from San Francisco to Los Angeles, from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo, Brazil, from Sao Paulo to Goiania, Brazil. Well everything began to go wrong from the start. First my Brazilian airplane was replaced in Los Angeles. So I arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil an hour late, which made me miss my connection to Goiania. On top of that my baggage was lost. I was rerouted to Brasilia then back down to Goiania.

Then the minute the airplane left Brasilia my prayer language began to pray. During this time the plane began to be toss around in the air. Eventually the plane settled and I just kept praying in the spirit quietly. An hour or so later we arrived in Goiania and as I looked toward the next row on my left, I notice this man about 35 years old out of control. He was shaking his head, hands, and body. The airline attendant asked the man if he was all right and he kept saying yes even when a second attendant came to assist him. This was very surprising to me for now I understood I was suppose to pray over this area. And if I had not missed my flight I would have not been at the right place and at the right time. The Lord sure surprises me all the time.

During this time Magda was going crazy for I did not arrived as scheduled for she called the airlines and they told her I never took the flight out of Los Angeles. Finally she found out from a friend she knows who works for the airlines that I did arrived to Sao Paulo, but there they lost me. She was afraid for she told me there have been people arrive at the Sao Paulo airport and never to be seen again. About the time she was to make the 4 to 5 hours drive to Sao Paulo, I called her from the Goiania airport.

During the rest of my Mission trip we spent three nights teaching in three separate homes and Anointing people in these small meeting.

Then again on the way home all kinds of problems occurred. The airline cancelled my return airline tickets, because they said I did not catch the beginning Los Angeles flight. Then I had a problem in the Los Angeles airport on my return to San Francisco they said my flight had to be changed to an hour later. Then when I arrived in San Francisco, my ride got a flat tire on the freeway going home. After fixing the flat tire we proceeded home and found some kind of accident on the freeway and it took us almost three hours in getting home where it should have taken us 45 minute. I am sure glad to be back home. (over)