1588. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 February 2001 at 4 PM.

This Eva occurrence was making me very depressed, so I turned on my Casio electronic piano and began to listen to the 100 songs in its database. For some unknown reason the music began to lift me up. After the third song, I went downstairs to Eva's new bedroom to get her for I knew she was very depressed too. I asked her to come upstairs to the computer workroom and listen to the piano music for it was very uplifting.

The more I listened to music, the more I began to sense the Lord. Before long I was in the Spirit watching the Lord's Hands play this electronic piano. All I could see was His Hands on the keyboard. I kept asking Eva if she could sense the uplifting Power of the music or the Lord, and she said she did not. What was so incredible was - as I saw the Lord strike the piano keys I could feel it in my HEART. The more I listened to the music the faster the depression left me.

Before long I had a smile on my face and I felt like laughing or cheering, for I felt so good and warm inside. I remember asking Eva over and over if she felt the Lord and she kept saying - no. This surprised me for the longer I listened the stronger the Lord's Presence filled my spirit. This Power Presence got so strong I could not take it any longer and I broke down and began to cry and cry. I do not know what was going through Eva's mind during this occurrence, but I felt that if the Lord did not stop I was going to be lifted off the bed. But the Lord just kept lifting me up and up until I began to hyperventilate and I had to asked the Lord to stop. What confused me the most was - I knew that the Lord was serenading the both of us, but I was the only one that could hear it.


Then the Lord said, "When I made music, it was for the HEART not the ears."


Then the Lord said, "The ax is at the root."