1577. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 January 2001 at 11 AM.

I had a dream of being somewhere in a large city, and I had something of value with me, and everyone wanted it. People were after me - they were mad or angry. I sensed the society was showing that kind of attitude toward me. So, by the Lord's instructions, I took a train with this valuable thing with me, out to the countryside. The Lord had instructed me to bury it at the base of this old Large Oak Tree. So when I found this old Oak Tree, I buried this valuable thing at the base of the Oak Tree as the Lord had instructed.

Then I took the train back to the city. For some reason this society or group of people kept asking me where I had placed this valuable thing. I told them I had buried it at the base of my Tree. And every time someone would ask me, where I had placed this valuable thing, I would tell them: "At my Tree".

And they would say to me, "No! No! No! You mean Mine Kampf!"

I would say, "NO - at my Tree! It is at the base of my Tree!"

But all they would say in return was, "You have it at Mine Kampf!" They kept saying this to me over and over. And no matter how hard I tried telling them that it was placed at the base of my Tree, they just kept changing it, and saying, "It is at Mine Kampf." They said it so many times that they changed the words to "It is Mine Kampf!" They just would not listen to me, no matter how hard I tried to tell them about my Tree.

Then I found myself at this large party. Everyone was very dressed up and driving up to a large building in big fancy cars. For some reason I had to leave this party and I told someone I was leaving. They said, "Don't go! Please do not go!"

But I said, "I must go, I really do have to go!"

Then, somehow, I found myself inside of a car with these people I did not know or feel right about. So we drove down the driveway away from the large building and stopped at the stop sign. I noticed that all the cross traffic was moving from left to right on this divided street. This divided street had a one lane on one side and a three or four lane street on the other side of the street divider. For some unknown reason the driver of the car turned the car to the left, which meant we were driving against traffic. So I told the driver to stop the car, and he parked the car facing the one lane traffic next to the curb. I got out of the car and began to walk away into some kind of park. Then the dream stopped.