1562. Prophecy and Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 November 2000 at 8:30 AM.

The Lord gave me four separate dreams and a prophecy. The first dream began on the top floor of a three-story building. I could see these three soldiers looking out of the top floor. I guess they were in a war of some kind, for they were in some kind of military mode. Then the image changed and I could only see one soldier in the room of the top floor, but this time the one soldier was wrapped up like a mummy with gray duct tape. Then I saw another soldier (wearing the same type of uniform) sneaking in and crawling on his stomach from the other room with a knife in his hand. It looked like he was going to stab the other soldier that was wrapped up like a mummy. But before he was able to stab this soldier, other soldiers came in and stopped him. Then the first dream stopped.

Second Dream:

Then the Second Dream began with the same soldier in the same upper room. This time other soldiers asked the same soldier (from the first dream) to lay down and be taped up with duct tape - and he was wrapped and taped up. He was going to be stabbed, but he did not know it, for the other soldiers told him it was going to be an exercise of some sort. But before the killer soldier began to crawl on his stomach toward this wrapped soldier, the wrapped soldier's wife walked in the room and went to the head of her husband. As she was comforting her husband, she saw from the corner of her eye the killer soldier crawl toward them on his stomach. The killer stopped and the dream stopped.

Third Dream:

I could see the same soldier again, but this time he was in the kitchen with other soldiers who were trying to persuade him to be taped up with duct tape. He did not want to, but later he agreed and he began to walk toward the living room. As he walked toward the living room he noticed that his right hand was bleeding and that he was missing three fingers. He lifted his left hand and opened it and noticed that he was holding the missing three fingers in the palm of his left hand. Then the dream stopped.

Forth Dream:

In the forth dream, I saw this same soldier wrapped up with duct tape again on the living room floor on the top floor of this three story building. As I watched I could see a video camera mounted in the upper corner of the room and recording everything. Then again, I could see this killer soldier crawling on his belly toward the wrapped up soldier, but this time he stabbed this wrapped up soldier dead. And the video camera recorded the whole thing.


Then the Lord said, "Al Gore is trying to kill the military vote!" (over)