1547. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera 16 August 2000 at 9:30 PM.

During prayer and worship I began to pray for my health, for I was feeling sick to my stomach. And during this prayer time the Lord gave vision of this Door opening up. I just kept praying and praying in tongues for it frightened me. What came to my mind was - that the Lord was telling me, that I was going to die! For as I watched this opening Door, I could see this very Bright Light appearing on the other side of the Doorway.

So I asked the Lord, "Are you telling me I am going to die?"

The Lord said, "No, I am going to open the Door of Knowledge and Wisdom for you."

After hearing this, I began to pray a little more relaxed. Then the Lord showed me an empty canoe on the bank of a moving river. In the spirit, I just kept watching this empty canoe, then without warning the vision changed, and now I could see the canoe moving down the river with someone rowing the paddles. (over)