1544. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera 10 August 2000 at 9:00 PM.

During worship the Lord gave me a vision of a Flower pot with a large Flower planted in it. The only strange thing was - the Flowerpot and Flower were floating in the air and upside down.


Then the Lord said, "This is the church today!"


Then I was shown a very large Lighthouse. As I looked at it, I could see that it did not a light in the top of it. It had this large Fire inside the Housed window area. This looked strange to me and as I watched the Lighthouse some kind of sprinkler went on and now, this rain of water coming from the water sprinkler surrounded the Lighthouse.


Then later during the Bible study I was asked if I had heard a Word or seen a vision from the Lord. I said, "No!", for I did not know how to explain what I had seen or wanted to speak, but as usual Eva kept pushing me to tell them what I had seen. So I told the Bible study people, no, again. So Eva began to give her interpretation. Then for some unknown reason my mouth began to speak. And I began to say that the Lighthouse was the Father and the Fire was, Jesus Christ, and the Water was the Holy Spirit. This even surprised me! (over)