1524. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 July 2000 at 11:30 AM.

Walking around Brasilia airport on our arrival, I saw a poster of Brazil's communication tower. It was the same picture or shape of the Washington Monument or steel structure the Lord had given me 2 days earlier on July 3. This lifted me up for I now knew that the earlier vision was an instruction from the Lord on where He wanted us to Anoint in Brasilia. The Lord sure is GREAT!


After arriving at Brazil and checking into our hotel, I walked into our hotel and had the sensation of the ground sinking (as if one were on an elevator). Then I felt the same sensation up in the room.


Then I had a vision of a very large, clear egg shaped thing - it was gradually being filled with blue fluid.

Vision at 4 PM:

Then I saw a Light at ground level move slowly up, and it left the communications tower pure white.


Then I saw an explosion with a mushroom cloud.


I saw a round cylinder, which was flat and round on top (quite large, like a building, but I am not sure). Then a long horizontal blade came down and cut deeply into the top surface, first one way, then another, forming a cross.