1518. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 June 2000 at 8:45 PM.

One night Carl and I went out for a walk and to search for a place to eat.  We started walking along the beach until we ran out of beach.  The beach came to an end and started again on the other side of this commercial area.  As we proceeded through this commercial district in search for a restaurant, we began to hear loud Christian music.  At first we stopped in front of this church, where the music was coming from, then we proceeded to walk away, but for some reason, we stopped and we returned and went into this church.  This large church was very packed and we found two seats in the back of the church.  I could really sense the power of the Holy Spirit as the spirit-filled music, filled the church.  At first I could not tell the denomination of the church, but I sensed it was like a Catholic Church, but I could not see any of the usual crosses and statues that one sees in a Catholic Church.

Then as my eyes were drawn above the loud worshiping people, I began to sense a very strong Presence of the Holy Spirit.  As the Holy Spirit began to get stronger I saw a White Cloud filled the whole Church.

Then the Lord said,
"I brought you into this church to show you the people, who will be saved, through your Anointing Mission trip.  The money that was given to you was to save the people in this room (i.e. the Christians in this area)."

This was the kind of message I needed to hear from the Lord.  For when one walks out in faith, one generally does not know the whole picture of the upcoming events.  My spirit began to get this peace, the kind of peace ones gets, when one knows, they are at the right place and at the right time in the Lord.  Praise the Lord!

Later that night, when we returned to our hotel, we had Communion and I looked outside of my window and saw many prostitutes out in the street below us.  I do not know if prostitution is legal in Rio de Janeiro, but there were many police in the area and they did not seem to be affected by the prostitutes being in front of all the hotels.

Then the Lord said, "Pray for the prostitutes in the street".

Visions while praying for street prostitutes:
 The Lord showed me a skeleton of a large serpent (the bones were all attached), then a vision of a dinosaur skeleton.

Then I was given a vision of an Astronaut carrying a large florescent orange bag.  The large bag looked like it had a woman inside, but I am not sure.  He was walking up an embankment with the large orange bag over his right shoulder and a big fish under his left arm.

So Carl and I prayed for the prostitutes to get jobs other than prostituting and the Lord gave me vision of dark domestic pigs with large tusks.  They looked like they could of weighed 600-700 1bs.  Then the pigs transformed into larger animals.  They looked sort of like a hippopotamus or rhinoceros, then they changed into elephants, but they were still large and dark looking.

Now, I see a black alligator, and the alligator walked into the center of the herd of elephants, and I see the alligator eating something.  I do not understand these visions at all!

Then we prayed for the Anointing Holy Redeemer Christ Statue, and the Lord said, "Go".

Then the Lord gave me a vision of a lit blue candle.