1503. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 May 2000.

The first Occurrence happened to Eva, Ron, and I. The second Occurrence to Eva and Ray, Eva typed them up.

Our friend Ron called Ray in the morning, and told Ray that he felt God gave him a burden to buy me (Eva) a bike. So the three of us went to the store and Ron bought me a bike. Ray wasn't feeling very good. He had some problems with his stomach. When we got back home Ray went upstairs to rest, and Ron and I were downstairs talking. Then Ron suggested we would go out for a ride to test my new bike. I said, sure, so we went. Ray was still sleeping upstairs. Then when we were outside driving our bikes (Ron had his own bike), I felt like I would have heard Ray's voice in my spirit. He just said "Eva". Like he would have been calling me or something. So I thought, I'd better go back home. Later that evening during Communion, Ray told me God had given me a Word, but he did not understand it (for he had not known I had left earlier that day). He said that the Lord had given me the following Word, "Why did you leave my sick Reymundo alone in the house?" So I had to repent for that.

Occurrence 16 May 2000:

Early in the morning Ray and I were sound asleep. Then in my dream I heard Ray say in Finnish: "I'm cold" (Ray doesn't speak any Finnish). So I turned around and looked at Ray and saw that the blankets had fell off of him. So I put the blankets on him and went back to sleep.