1494. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 April 2000.

Yes, Reymundo, where you go, I bless. Where you step, I bless. Where you sleep, I bless. The things of God are sometimes strange to understand, but that is the Truth! What is righteous belongs to Me. What is clean and pure belongs to Me. I protect what is Mine, and I throw into the pit what is not Mine. Your blessing are the things of God. What you eat, where you go, where you sleep.

For the Power of My Spirit flows with you - for I have My Mark on your forehead. For My Mark is the Kiss of God. My son, My son, My son, Reymundo, don't worry for the things that will be, the things that will come. For I have placed My Mark on your forehead. What is Mine, I protect. What is Mine, I love.

I like the way you work. I like the way you think. This Word is not to lift you up, to give you pride, this is the Truth. For I know that My Word will not give you pride. For I know My Word will humble you - will make you meek. For you have the heart of God, the passion of obeying on the little things. I see your tears; I see your hunger, the things will come to a point in the near future, and you will see the Power of God flowing through your body.

And I will work miracles through you to show the world, that I mean what I say, that the end is before you. For this world has outlived it's allotted time. I am bringing to a close this little planet, because of sin, because of the evil ways of Satan. My eyes, My ears cannot stand anymore. Be clam, be patient, and you will see the wonders of God. Go to sleep My little prophet, and rest, for We have work to do tomorrow. (over)