1481. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 March 2000 at 6:25 AM. in Spanish.

I am, I am the Fisherman. I catch all of the fish that are Mine. Yes, My son, I am the Fisherman, with the Flame of the Holy Spirit - I take My fish with the Hand of God. Yes, all is going to go to the point, with the Love of God. I am not going to leave any fish that is Mine. Yes, My son, the Love of God has arrived. To the point, I tell you the truth. All that is going to happen to this world, is going to be clear and to the point. But all of the fish are going to be in My Hands and nothing is going to happen until the date that I have chosen, comes. Did you hear Me, with your ears, with the heart, with all that is of God? Yes, My son, here comes the climate, here comes the gun, here comes the star, here comes the devil. Yes, all is clear, all is to the point. Hurry, sleep and rest, and I will call you on another day. (over)