1442. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 January 2000.

During prayer I saw a brown saddle being placed on a white horse. As I looked at this horse, I remembered the white horse I saw a few days earlier. This white horse was wearing a golden and jeweled bridle, but what looked like some kind of metal horn was attached to the forehead of the horse. Maybe the bridle was used to hold it in place, but I could not see this from where I was viewing this vision. Then I saw myself climbing on the brown saddle and onto the white horse and carrying this long shiny sword. As I looked at myself on this horse, I noticed this white horse was ready for battle, for it was wearing some kind of battle gear too. I kept looking at this and saw myself ride the horse to this embankment overlooking this valley, but I was not allowed to see into the valley below. Then the vision stopped. (over)