1439. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera 17 January 2000

A prayer request from Raymond Aguilera to e-mail list.

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I have not uploaded anything new onto the web site lately, for I have been very busy with the Lord's business in other areas. Below are the work assignments the Lord has given me and some of them go back to last year. I would like prayers for the ones not completed. Thank you in Jesus' Name.

1. Type-up events from Israel Mission trip.

2. Place newspaper ad in West Contra Costa Times. (completed)

3. Do not cut hair for three weeks. (completed)

4. Finish the four Prophecy Books for the Book Publisher.

5. Finish typing up new material and place on Prophecy web site.

6. Go and Anoint the countries in South America.

The Lord opened the Door for the Prophecy Books last week, for the Book Publisher has contacted me. I am almost finished checking them for spelling errors and things like that. They will need about $400 per Book to begin publishing them. I only have about $600 and I will be sending them what I have with the finished Books, hoping the Lord will provide the rest. I will be sending them out tomorrow.

Please pray that the Lord gives me the spiritual and physical strength to move ahead. I have been working just about every night until 2 AM. My body is tired and I am always sleepy. There is still a lot of work to be done with the Israel Mission trip and I have about four things to type up about South America. Well - many prayers and money is needed for the South America Mission trip. The Mission trip is planned out with the travel agent, but I am spending that money on the Prophecy Books for the Publisher. Please remind the Lord that I am only one person without any office help or funds and I am really tired. Well I guess that is all, please pray over these items for me. God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,