1434. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 December 1999 at 1 AM in Spanish.

Yes My son, it is I - it is I, the Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit. Arm yourself, Arm yourself with the Word of God to the point. Yes, Yes, it has arrived the knife, the knife of the devil. It has arrived to the point. Yes, he wants to cut the world into pieces and he wants to eat the Meat of God. Yes, the flame of the devil wants to cook the Body of God. Oh, what a shame! What a shame! But the devil has already lost to the point. Yes, he wants to cut-up the whole world into pieces, but the Body of God has the Power of Power. Here comes the day that the flame of the devil is going to hit the Body of God, but the things of God, the One who made the world, the stars, all that you see, all that you touch - no one can beat God. Because He made all with His Word, with His Spirit.

The devil believes he is the king of all, but he is nothing - nothing of nothing! But here comes the day of the end, the day that the blood is going to run like a river. But I am going to lock-up the devil in a pit. Yes, and we are going to start over once more, but you have to be clean. You have to know My Word. You have to pray. You have to eat the Communion. You have to have the Love of Jesus. All of these things that you need are in front of you with the Force of the Holy Spirit I tell you the Truth. It has arrived the river of blood. It has arrived the Salvation of all who are Mine to the point. The rest are going to the pit! This is correct and this is to the point. (over)