1422. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 November 1999 at 1:43 AM in Spanish.

Yes, Reymundo, this is your God. Here comes the straight road, the road that I want you to walk. But there are going to be many people, many things - which are going to want to push you to the left, to the right of the road. But I only want you to walk straight on the road. Yes! I am going to give you the wife, I am going to give you the money. I know Reymundo that you worry of these things because you do not know who it is and from where the money is going to come from. But to your God the money is nothing. Oh no - the money is nothing! Oh no - the money is nothing!

The things that are important are the things of the SPIRIT! And if you walk on the straight road all will go well with your spirit, with your mind, with your body, with your wife, with all of the things I have promised you. Yes Reymundo, We are going to finish the Work of your God to the point.

Here comes one point that is going to be very hard for this world. The point is going to be the mister (man) that believes he is God. He is going to have force - he is going to have money, he is going to have soldiers. But I know what is going to happen. There are going to be many people who are going to suffer and the churches are going to suffer too. Oh, it gives Me much pity with the churches, but all will go well.

I tell you and I tell you - that all will go well... I know it is very hard for your mind and your spirit, but it will go well, Reymundo. I want you to work more on the (Prophecy) Book. When you finish the first Book - Then begin with the second Book until you have finished all four Books. I will show you what to change and what not to change. All will go well, but I know - that these Books are going to change the world with the Force of God. I am going to give you the money that you need to finish the (Prophecy) Books too.

Do you remember the vision (picture) of South America, I am going to send you to South America, Reymundo, but I will tell you when! Right now all I want is for you put your spirit, your mind, and your body on the (Prophecy) Books. And point (write) the things that I tell you with the Force of God.

I know that you have suffered this month and the month before, but it is going to go well, Reymundo. The devil wants to stop the money that I give you, but he cannot stop the things of God. All will go well, to the point - for the mister (man) who thinks he is god - he is ready. But I am ready too, My Reymundo! Here come all the promises that I have told you. Yes! But people are going to get mad with you, Reymundo when the (Prophecy) Books are finished, but I can correct everything. All the people who carry (give) My Word - suffer! For the devils of the devil (Satan) want to stop them and they use the men of the church - they use the men who run the government - they use all of the sins that there are, to stop My Word. But no one can stop My Word and I, with the Holy Spirit, and My Son - We can correct ALL! Yes! Hurry (Alright now) rest and sleep, here comes your wife, here comes all the things of God, with the Force of God. Yes! Yes! Yes! (over)