1418. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 November 1999.

To begin this occurrence, I have to give you some background on what happened about a year ago. I received a telephone call from Magda from our Bible study. She began to tell me about Flex and his family who lives in El Cerrito. They had been experiencing some demonic activities in their upstairs apartment for some time and Magda wanted to know if I would go to their apartment and see if these demonic spirits could be forced to leave.

I said, yes! And I proceeded to Jose's house to meet her and some others from our Bible study. Once I got there, Flex was there with a few others and I told them some things I had experienced with these sort of spirits. We all agreed on going there to pray and see what could be done, for Flex's 7 year old son was just terrified and had been chased out of the bathroom several times and he was afraid to go to sleep at night. Things were getting so bad, they were all seeing and experiencing these demonic spirits and they felt something had to be done.

Well, I called Carl to see if he wanted to come also and to my surprise Ron was speaking to Carl and he said he wanted to come too. So Magda and I went to the store and purchased some communion items and left for Flex's apartment. We all got there about the same time. Once we were all settled in, we had communion and anointed everyone there. There must have been about fifteen people in the small apartment and it was packed with people. To cut down the story some, I will only say what happened toward the end of our almost two hour session. I had anointed Flex, his son and now Ron and I, were praying over his wife. Well, toward the end of this prayer I heard the window open several times and felt a breeze of cold air come into the room. I looked up and I saw several of the people moving around and talking to each other. What happened was that the people sitting across from the dining room saw the window open and close three times by itself. This did frighten a few of them, but we proceeded.

After discussing what had happened, I told Flex and his family that they had to seek the Lord, read the Bible and if possible go to church or our Bible study and they said they would. Well, for almost a year, I had heard from others in the Bible study, that they did none of the things I had suggested.

Well, to get to what happened this Monday night - as usual, I left for the Bible study about 7:45 PM. I took my Bible and jumped into my car and turned the key. Well, my car made one of the most unusual sounds I had ever heard. Then it popped and died and all the lights went out. I said to myself I guess no Bible study tonight, so then I opened my car door and the car lights came back on. So I tried the ignition again and nothing happened. So I called Jose and left a message that I couldn't go to the Bible study for my car was broken. He called me and said he would pick me up.

Well, within twenty minutes we were walking into Jose's house to begin the Bible study and guess who was sitting there on the couch, Flex, his wife and son. I had not seen them for almost a year. We had a good Bible study and during the study the Lord said to me, "That is why your car would not start. The demons killed it, but I will fix it tomorrow. They did not want you to be here!"

I gave you this occurrence to show how my week started and to show you something about these battles with demonic forces. And to show you how these spirits effect people that do not seek the Lord, study the Bible, and pray. Now I want to show you an occurrence that happened in church last night.

Carl called me tonight (the day after the Bible study). He wanted some prayer and he knew I was out of money and wanted to take me out to dinner. My real brother Ted has been buying my food for about two weeks now. So we prayed for both of our needs and he asked me if I wanted to go to a church service at a large church in Oakland for they were having some well-known prophet speaking for three nights and it was his last night there. I usually do not go to these sort of things, so we decided to pray about it. During the prayer the Lord gave me a vision of some letters and I did not catch all of them.


Mes... (The ending maybe was an "e" or "a". The word could have had more letters but I could not remember them!)

This vision aroused my interest and I said to Carl, sure lets go! Besides, I was hungry! And if I wasted a night at least I ate.

When we arrived, the praise and worship had already started. The music was loud and moving. I could see people dancing, singing and worshipping with a fever. This made me think about what I saw in Israel at the Western Wall. The people there were dancing and worshipping in their way just like the people here. The only difference was, here they were Christians and there they were Jewish. I could also sense the Presence of the Lord here - where I did not sense it at the Western Wall at ALL!

This worship went on for maybe about an hour and during this time I thought it would be a good time to pray to the Lord. I asked the Lord, "What do you think about this worship service?"

The Lord said, "VERY, VERY GOOD!"

This is great, I said to myself and decided to pray some more. Since I am not very tall, I could not see too much because the people in front of me were all tall. So I decided to stay seated and pray. Well, during my prayer time, while being surrounded by standing people, I was very content in praying to the Lord and feeling His Presence. Then, without warning, I heard a strange voice at the microphone praising the Lord and he kept saying amen and amen and amen over and over. And the Presence of the Lord just left! As time proceeded, I saw the face to this voice and it was (I guess) the assistant pastor. Within ten minutes he had everyone bring their money up front as a worship offering. Then, they proceeded with the music after the offering, but I could not sense the Lord anymore. The Lord had left and it was just entertaining music.

So after another 15 minutes of music they introduced the prophet speaker. I had never heard of him, but he did try to teach. I do not know where he got his teaching from, but he was bordering on a mixture of a New Age doctrine and Christianity.

He got so bad I leaned over to Carl's ear and said as quietly as possible, "I don't believe this guy!"

With this guy speaking so loudly, I do not know how the people in front of me heard what I said into Carl's ear, but two of them turned around several times and gave me a hard look. As if I had blasphemed - all I said was that I did not believe this guy. Later in the car, Carl said, he had gotten caught up in the mood, and he was not REALLY listening to what he was teaching. He said, "Ray you are right! This guy is bordering on New Age and he is using the Bible to do it."

I guess what I am trying to show you is how I experienced demonic spirits in a home and in a church. This prophet was not teaching from the right spirit. He was teaching Christians to be prideful and to use man's righteousness to save man and the Lord's church. There was no mention of how the Holy Spirit was in charge! Only how it was up to man to straighten up the Body of Christ. Spirits come in many forms and go to different places and here are two that I experienced this week.