1405. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 August 1999 at 11:02 AM in Spanish.

Hear Me, My son - I am going to tell you once more! It has arrived. It has arrived - "The End". The House is broken! The water is running from here to there. The roof does not work. The steps are broken. I have to clean all of it! Yes, My son - I am going to paint the outside of the House. I am going to paint the House in the inside. You know why? The churches broke My House with their words, with their fighting, with all of the things of man. But I am going to make a NEW HOUSE to the point, to fix up! For the end has arrived.

You believe you know things, but you do not know a thing. Here comes the days when I am going to open your eyes and your ears more with the Force of God. They are going to get mad with you - the people of the broken house. But do not worry, I am going to correct all, with My Hand. (...? I am going to fix her). Hurry, rest and sleep and I will speak to you on another day with the points of God. (over)