1403. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 August 1999 at 1:30 AM in Spanish.

Yes, Reymundo, I know everything. I know everything! It has arrived to the point the day that the ground is going to separate with the Force of God. Yes, My son it has arrived, the earthquake - the earthquake of God, with the Force of God. People believe that all is saved, but the thing is - I, God, the One who made everything - I know what is saved and what is not!

Yes, here comes the earthquake with the Force of God! Here comes the blood of all that have the sin pointed toward the pit. "Ay Caramba" (Spanish word for good gracious!) what a shame! What a shame the day of the earthquake is going to be!

But I know that people are not going to believe you, Reymundo. They believe you are crazy! They do not know that you are pointed toward Heaven, to My Son Jesus! But the thing is - they are going to suffer and you are not. For you are in My Hands with the Force of God. But it has arrived, the earthquake for the people who have a hard head, that have a hard heart, and have their hands over their eyes and ears. Ay-yi-yi, what a shame! They believe they know it all, and they know nothing! Here comes My Hand, straight and direct, to the point. Here comes the earthquake. Yes, My son here it comes. (over)