1377. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 July 1999 at 11:56 PM. in Spanish.

Hear Me, my son! Hear the things of God! Yes - the end has arrived. All the things I have said to you. They have arrived! The world is going to become red. All is going to stop! Yes! But I am going to save all that is Mine, all the animals, all the saints, all that is Mine. I am going to save with My Hand, with My Son.

It gives My Eyes tears to see the way people treat the animals that I made for them. It hurts My Heart. It hurts Me the way people treat their children. It hurts Me the way people treat their brothers and sisters.

My Heart is crying and crying and crying for the bad I see in the world. I send and I send My Word and no one hears Me. I send the Word to the churches and they shut their eyes and their ears. I send the Word to all the countries and no one wants to hear Me. And My Heart cries and cries and cries with tears for all the evil My eyes see.

It has arrived, My son - "The End." You have finished what I have said to do. You have gone around and you have prayed and have poured the oil in the points that I have told you. Now I am going to begin the "The End". I am going to begin My New Church. Yes! The Church that hears Me! The Church that Cries with Me! The Church that takes My Hand. The Church that takes My Words - The Church of Love - The Church of God.

Reymundo, you do not know how much it hurts My Heart of all the evil I see. It hurts Me so much! I am tired of crying for all the evil I see in this world. All of the sins that man does day and night - day and night - I see sin and sin and sin. I am tired My son. I am very tired! But the Day of the End has arrived. It has arrived. I am going to stop the sin! I am going to stop the devil. I am going to stop man with the Force of the Holy Spirit. I tell you the Truth! - with the Blood of My Son, with the Word of God. It has arrived, the Force of God. I know - that the world is not going to hear you, Reymundo. They do not want to hear the Word of God, but "The End" has arrived! And it is not important to Me if they believe you or not. For I am going to stop all that is filthy all that is evil. For I am tired of crying.

My thanks for doing what I have said. My Thanks, Reymundo - rest My son, I know that you are tired. Rest, for We have more things to do. Thanks My little son, My beautiful. (over)