1375. Occurrences given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 July 1999.

The Lord said to me, "You have to surrender your heart".


Then the Lord gave me a vision of an arrow tip with a white ribbon tied to it (just behind the sharp tip).

Prophecy at 3:50 PM:

The Lord kept saying to me while walking up Mt. Nebo, "Camera, Camera, Camera, Camera".

Occurrence at 4:10 PM:

Once we had walked to the top of Mt. Nebo, we checked out the church on the top of the mountain and proceeded to look for a place to Anoint the mountain. We did run into a small problem for there were security guards around the church grounds. Finally Mark and I found a safe place to Anoint and Mark asked me where? I really did not know which spot to Anoint, so I said a short prayer and prayed to the Lord as we walked the church grounds, for I did not want to make a mistake. This area was behind this small wall behind the church. We quickly Anointed the ground without the security guards catching us. I certainly did not want us to get caught, but I knew we had to Anoint the Mountain that day. For our tourist guide had no idea what we were doing in Jordan. This was only a transit stop on our way to Petra four hours away. What made me so nervous was those security guards, they seemed to be facing everywhere!


At 4:15 PM:

The Lord said, "It is done!"

Then later at the Grand View Hotel in Petra, Jordan, the three of us looked out of the Hotel and we saw a full moon, just like the Lord had said to me a few days earlier in Jerusalem. This was a confirmation to me that all was going well and we were on the Lord's timetable. I could sense Mark was not so sure, because he mentioned one part of the full moon did not look completely full to him, but to me it was full enough to be called a full moon, and now I could relax some.