1373. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 July 1999.

After my discussion with the Lord on whether to Anoint the northern part of Israel, I decided to go ahead and Anoint the northern area on the 30-mile perimeter. We had a few days before we had to leave for Jordan so I mentioned it to Carl and Mark and we decided to leave that day (Sunday).

From Carl's mission trip notes, he wrote that the Lord said, "Go quickly! Good and faithful servants."

And other voices telling me, "Don't go, don't go!"

Frankly, I do not remember this, but if Carl wrote it down - it must of happened because he was very good at writing things down. Though at times he could not write exactly word for word, what I saw, but he was generally close.


I do remember this. The Lord said, "You are going to walk through a path of thorns."


Then I had a vision of six or seven horses drinking out of a trough with a white liquid inside. This liquid was white in color like milk.

It was early and we were driving north seeking the first place to Anoint. I wasn't going to take any chances in making a mistake. One of my main concerns was this - "Was the Lord going to strike us down because I was being so bold with Him?" Then I was worried for Carl and Mark traveling with me, being that even though the decision was mine. I really felt water beneath my feet as though I walked on water today. Another question I had, "Was the Lord going to show me the places to Anoint even though He had said it was not necessary to go?"

I cannot express the pressure I was in! Brothers and Sisters in the Body of Christ had financially helped pay for part of this trip and the Lord had shown me the importance of Anointing this northern 30 mile perimeter, and I did not really know what to do with this northern area of Israel! The spiritual forces were hitting me and knocking me off balance. But at the same time, I knew it was the Lord speaking! Sounds strange doesn't it!

My flesh just kept saying, "Ray, you better be DEAD sure you are doing the right thing!"

I felt like running home as fast as I could. Though I remembered what the Lord had been telling me over, and over, and over. "Do not worry, all will be alright!" But this time, I felt like I was going against God in some way. But the importance of this mission trip was so important, I couldn't worry about my safety. But then there was Mark and Carl walking side by side with me, and Carl's sister had told me 5 or 6 times not to put Carl in harms way.

I kept saying to myself over and over - if it doesn't matter if these places are Anointed, and if the Lord does not show me what to do, we just wasted a day. And I will know what is right when we return from Jordan by looking up at the moon and seeing if it is FULL!

I cannot say why it was so important for me to do this before the Jordan part of the trip. But in my spirit I sensed it had to do with timing. I really do not know, but I couldn't get this timing thing out of my mind. That the timing (of the Anointing) of these places was just as important as the place. Maybe the war in heaven had something to do with this timing, I really did not know. But God should know this - I kept telling myself. So I took a large step in faith and went north.

I might add that walking in faith is very hard for me even if I know the Lord is there. It was like standing on the tracks in front of a fast moving freight train and raising your hand and saying, "STOP!" and not knowing if it is God you are speaking to or the devil. Very fighting stuff!

Confirmation: Then to my surprise I saw a land arch just like the one I had seen earlier with people jumping over to get to the other side. The only difference was this one was complete in the center where the other land arch was broken. In my spirit I knew that the Lord was showing us the place to Anoint. So after we made a U-turn and returned to the spot, I opened the backdoor and Anointed an area next to the road.

Prophecy: Then some time later I heard, "Ark of the Covenant", six different times.

Prophecy: Then I heard the Lord say, "Do you Love Me!" six times.

And I said, "Yes! six times."

Then the Lord led us to the next Anointed place and we went home early.