1370. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 July 1999 at 1:30 AM

During my prayer time I kept thinking about what the Lord had said about Mount Nebo in Jordan, that it was the only place left to Anoint on the perimeter. I did not feel right about this for it left a big hole of about 1/3 of the perimeter not Anointed. All that was on my mind was the importance of this trip and correctly completing it. I frankly did not trust the Word (that Mt. Nebo was the only place left on our mission trip.) I prayed and prayed, but I kept getting these lying spirits saying this and that. It got so bad - that I did not know what to do. I was at a total loss.

So I prayed to the Lord and asked, "What will happen if I Anoint some places up north near Shekhem".

The Lord said, "Nothing will happen. You do not have to! There are no more spots except Mt. Nebo."

Then I heard some other voices say this and that, again and again. So after about 45 minutes of this I was getting very sleepy, so I said to the Lord, "Well, if nothing bad will happen - I believe I will Anoint them anyway. Just to be on the safe side and I hope you do not get mad at me!"

And the Lord said "If you want to!"

Then I heard some voices say that I did not have to.

I did not want to come all the way to Israel and make a mistake and leave Israel without completing my mission. So I kept repeating the same prayer over and over until the Lord said, "To prove it is I speaking to you - look at the moon and if the moon is not full when you get back from Jordan, then it was not I, Jehovah speaking to you. Then you can go an Anoint the areas near Shekhem."

So I said, alright, but if nothing will happen if I Anoint the places near Shekhem I will Anoint them now since I have the time and check the moon when I get back from Jordan. Will this upset you and will you guide me in this, perhaps extra Anointing trip?

The Lord said, "Alright! - But you will see that the moon will be full when you get back from Jordan!"

I cannot understate how difficult it was for me to hear the Lord during our stay in Jerusalem. I remember, when we walked up to the Western Wall the first time on this trip I felt the same thing I did the first time in Jerusalem a year or so ago. I could sense the same Dome of protection around me but everyone seemed to be experiencing some kind of religious experience. But I felt totally "Nothing"! I could see people kissing the Western Wall, praying, and placing little prayers on pieces of paper and sticking them in-between the cracks of the bricks of the wall. I felt so numb that I might of not of been there. It was so strong that my body and spirit could feel this emptiness in this part of the Old City of Jerusalem. Something was not right here, but I did not know what.