1330. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 May 1999 at 6:45 AM

I am the God of All! I am what you see when you wake up in the morning. I am the shining sun. I am the bright Light. I am the Love that is in your heart. All - All is I, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Beware, beware, for the love of the devil, the love of materialism, the love of all that is not of God is before you! But remember the great fall, the fall, of the falling angels, the fall of Satan. All will be gathered, all will be placed in a place, that I would not want to send anyone.

So My children remember the sun rising. Remember the pretty flowers. Remember the Love I have in My Heart for you. Read the Bible. Study! Study the Word of God. Have Communion, and pray and pray and pray. For the coming days are going to be hard, are going to be pointed, are going to be a time of cleansing. Some of the Words I have given you will shake you, will rattle you, will confuse you, but they are of God.

Some people see Me as Love, Love, Love, but there is another side of the Coin. The side that says - God can rebuke those that He Loves - God can discipline those that He Loves - God corrects those that He Loves. You have to turn the Coin over and see the FULL reality of God. Many of the churches of today only teach you one half of the Coin. I will show you the second half of the Coin with the Love of My Heart, with the Love of My Son, with the Love of the Holy Spirit. All will be directed - all will be separated - all will be pointed either to the abyss or to Heaven. You are going to go through one of the hardest times that there has been.

The churches of today are telling you half truths. They are telling you half of the Bible. Only the parts that tickles their ears, only the parts that fills their pockets, only the things that benefits the leadership. What a shame! What a shame! What a shame! For My Sheep, My Lambs are going to suffer for this kind of leadership, but the Lambs and the Sheep have My Word. Remember Lazarus. Remember the cavern. Remember the things that I have told you through the years. My Love is there! My Hand is there! My Protection is there! What you do with what I have given you is going to determine what you will be, where you will be, and how you will get there!

Remember the Words of Jehovah. Remember the Words of Jesus Christ. Remember the Words of the Holy Spirit. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit, I am implementing the things that are going to happen in the next few days, in the next few years, but all is in My Hands. Listen to My prophets. Listen to the Power of My Word. For if you are My Sheep, and you are My Lamb, this message is going to touch your spirit. For your God Jehovah does not play games. He is direct! He is to the point! And He is the Power of Power! He is the Love of Love! Remember My Words - All will be - All will be done - According to My Will! The Will of Jehovah, the Will of Jesus Christ, the Will of the Holy Spirit. (over)