1304. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 April 1999 at 12:15 PM.

As I was flying toward Ukraine, I looked out of the airplane window and saw two rainbows and part of a third seemed to appear, but a little faint. All of them were around each other and each formed a complete circle (one within the other). I believe they were between the plane and the ground, but I am not really sure for they looked like they were directly below and moving on the ground. They seemed to be moving in the direction of the airplane. They remained there for a long period of time, then they disappeared. Later I looked again and they reappeared over the ground.

Praise the Lord! This is very exciting to see this as I fly toward Ukraine from Poland. So I prayed for the Lord's perfect will over this land. Praise the Lord for I knew the Lord Jesus was coming and I said, "Here comes Jesus". (over)