1289. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 March 1999 at 11:45 PM. in Spanish.

(Non-understandable Tongues)

Open your eyes, My son (Raymond). Open your ears. All is pointed to the date, to the point. Here comes the hammer and it is going to hit the iron. You believe you know something, but I am going to show you more to the point. Here comes the boat with the soldiers. And the soldiers are going to plant a bomb, and the bomb is going to release (gas), but the things of the devil are going to grow and they are going to grow. Then the airplanes are going to throw bombs in the places that you have walked to the date, to the point. And the river of blood is going to run rapidly. They are going to kill the old men and women. And all the ones who are sick, they are going to kill. The ones who are sick in the mind. The ones who are sick in the body. The ones who are blind, they are going to kill them for they are sick. Yes, here comes the day of the devil with his hand over the hammer.

I tell you and I tell you and I tell you, and you write and you write all that I tell you. The Word that you have written is going to go to all parts of the world with the Flame of God, with the Flame of the Holy Spirit, with the Flame of My Son. I am going to gather My Sheep one by one, and I am going to hug her (Bride) and I am going to kiss her. And the rest are going to go to the pit with the Force of God.

The world does not believe in God, but they cannot win, because I am God. The churches do not know a thing, the governments do not know a thing, but My son (Raymond) - that is the problem of God. That is not your problem and I do not have problems. I correct all to the point, and in the Manner of God. Here comes the hammer. Yes, here comes the hammer, but all will happen like the map, like I wrote it, all that is in My Word. Some of the things have already started and other things are going to begin in a little while.

But look My son, count all that you have, and here comes the day that I will give you more. Yes, for you are My saint. I told you years ago, that I was going to help you. Here comes the day, with your wife, with the money, with the Force of God. For We have to gather My Sheep and you are going to need these things. Here comes the Holy Spirit to help you, to show you, but you have to remember that the Work is of God. All that you are is My secretary. Did you hear, Me? But I will show you the Manner of God and I will point you. I will show you and I will protect you. And all that you have is Mine and all that I have is yours for We are Friends, Friends of the Heart, Friends of the Spirit. Remember that you are Mine. You are in My Hands and I am going to protect you with the Force of God, I am going to take care of you. Hurry, rest, here comes another day. (over)