1262. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 March 1999 at 3:20 AM.

The Lord gave me a vision of a large tractor working on a road next to a railroad overpass.

Vision 3:25 AM.:

A vision of a man sleeping in a small woman's bed with his really large feet up on and hanging over the bed rail. (over)

Vision 3:30 AM.:

The Lord gave me a vision of someone milking a cow.


The Lord gave me a vision of myself walking into this dark, dark attic. The only problem was everything was upside down, I mean, I was upside down or the attic was upside down. From where I was standing everything looked attached to the ceiling. It was a very spooky dark place. I could sense a telescope on this rack as if someone was looking, but like I said everything was upside down to the way I was standing. (over)

Vision 4:10 AM.:

A vision of a bull's head hanging on a wall. And a vision of a white horse with it's hind legs standing on a couch or sofa over a suit case.


A vision of a White Dove walking on water and a shark comes from under the water and tries to eat the Dove. But the shark is unable to touch the Dove and the Dove walks out of the water. (over)


A vision of the hydraulic stand that holds up a backhoe tractor that digs trenches. I saw the stand go down and lift up the rear wheels.