1260. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 March 1999 at 2:30 AM.

The Lord gave me a vision of a English policeman's dome hat (the kind that look like a metal army hat), but the top of the policeman's hat was on fire. I could see high flames on this policeman's hat.

Then the Lord said, "I am, I am, I am."


Then the Lord gave me a vision of some high ranking army official. He looked like some army officer from an Eastern block country for he had a large wide and high military looking hat. He also had many gold military metals on his collars and chest. He also had white hair. As he walked I was placed above him in the spirit and watched him as he moved through this open area in a town or city. The day was sunny and beautiful. I saw other soldiers walk by this military officer, I guess he is a very high official and important in the military by the way the other soldiers acknowledged him.

Then the Lord said, "This is the man who belongs to the nose that was cut off." (over)

Vision 8:00 AM.:

The Lord gave me the number 44 then the number 48. (over)


The Lord showed me the number 5. (over)

Vision 9:45 AM.:

The Lord showed me the sky. As I watched the sky it became very dark and very frightening. (over)

Vision 9:55 AM.:

Then the Lord gave me a vision of a rat. Then this knife came down and cut it's head off. (over)

Vision 11:15 AM.:

The Lord gave me a vision of a tortoise shell. I could not see the tortoise's head, feet or tail. (over)

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