1237. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 February 1999.

Listen, Ray, this is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I told you before - Jehovah chose you before you were born. Just to do, just to go on this trip. These are one of many things that the Father as already set to be done. Only the end of your journey does the Father schedule with accuracy, with the point of righteousness. You will be in Heaven at the appointed time with the peace and tranquillity.

Many people are watching your obedience on the planet. Many Angels in Heaven are watching your trip. We know your doubts. We know your insecurities, but don't forget you are in the Hands of My Father, Jehovah. Jehovah knows, Jehovah does.

Remember Reymundo, I obeyed My Father because I Loved Him, and you are obeying because you love us all. But all will go right! All will go to the point! Remember the saying, "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord." The day of Vengeance is here. When the Hand of My Father will squash what is evil; what is of Satan. The ground will open up and eat all that is evil.

My Angels will guide you, will protect you, Reymundo. Do not let that demon slow you down. For we already know the end. You just have to walk it with the rest of the people of the planet.

Remember, All Power and Glory belong to the Father. All Power, Praise and Glory belong to the Father. All Power, Glory and Fame go onto the Father. I Worship you Father. I Praise you Father. My Angels are in place. The demons are afraid. For you are sending out the Finger of God to anoint, to bless, to save what belongs to You. I am the Good Shepherd and My Flock listen to My Voice. I Praise you Father. I Love you Father. All Praise and Honor goes to the Father. All Praise and Honor goes to the Father. All Praise and Honor goes to the Father. So be it, Father. I will send My sheep, and he will anoint and bless the things of God, and condemn the things that are not. (over)