1210. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 October 1998 at 6:00 PM. in Spanish.

My son, My son, all that I have told you is straight and to the point! All is correct! The flames are going to come to the point. You believe it is going to be very bad, but it is going to be worse than you believe. The flames of the devil are ready. The flames of God are ready. All is going to become very HOT to the point! Yes, My Reymundo - all of My affection, all that I have that is good - is going to pass, when My Son comes. But if you do not read the Bible, if you do not look for your brothers and sisters in the streets, how is My Son going to find you if you do not do the things of My Son?

Look! In one part of one ocean there is going to be a war with many flames, with many bullets. And this war is going to start another war, and this other war is going be in the land of the Japanese. That is how the flame of the devil is going to begin. All direct, all pointed at all that is bad. I am not going to tell you who is going to win. You are going to have to wait! But it has started the war of the ocean - to the point! Here comes the ships. Here comes the soldiers. Here comes the sailors. Here comes all - to start the flame of the devil!

Yes, My son, I will protect you with all that is from heaven. For you are My love. I tell you and I tell you, that I am going to give you your wife, but you do not believe Me. You believe I am on a vacation or something. But I know the things that are in your mind, and I know your heart. I am not on a vacation. I am there on one side of you protecting you. For the devil is very mad with you for what you are doing. But he is not going to touch you My son! For I told you, when We started on this road, that I was going to protect you. That I was going to give you your wife. That I was going to give all that was of God to the point! But the things of the world are going to become hotter in the coming months and years. You just do what I tell you, and all will go well! Did you hear, Me, My beloved? Did you hear, Me?

Hurry - you can go and visit your friend, if you want. But remember of what I have told you! All will go well to the point. You have to send the Word of God with the Force of God. I will see you on another day, and I will tell you the Words of God! (over)