1152. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 February 1998 at 7 AM.

The Lord awoke me up and told me to have communion. I was half asleep, and I got up and had communion. Then I went back to bed. Then the Lord gave me a vision of an open umbrella. Then I saw lighting strike the umbrella, but nothing happened to the umbrella. Then the Lord said, "The vision represented Satan striking the umbrella. The umbrella represented prayer cover."

Then He said, "See Reymundo, something simple as umbrella and something as thin as the fabric of the umbrella beat the devil's lighting strike! See what prayer cover can do." (over)

Vision 7:10 AM.:

The Lord gave me a vision of me playing baseball with God. The ball was pitched (by Jesus), and I swung the bat. I hit the ball real hard, and it surprised me, for it went way high, into the sky towards outer space. Then in the spirit, I saw the Lord, Father, caught the ball. Then, I could see myself running to the bases. Then I saw the Father throw the ball back down toward the Earth. As the ball was coming down, I touched first base, then second base, then third base. Then I saw myself racing toward home base as the ball and I were reaching home plate at the same time. I slid into home plate and the Lord Jesus Christ caught the ball as I slid into home plate. And the Holy Spirit said "SAFE. Reymundo Aguilera won the game!" (over)

Raymond's Comments:

Yeah, RIGHT! I think the Lord is trying to comfort me with baseball.