1147. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 February 1998 at 1:10 AM. in Spanish.

My son, My son, My son, the hunger of the tiger is big. Yes! The hunger of the snake is big too! The both of them are pointed. The two of them are waiting! The two of them are waiting for the devil. But they believe, they can awaken the things of the world, but all is beneath My Finger. I tell you to the point. I tell you the things of God.

It has arrived, the pencil. Yes, the pencil that is going to write, that is going to begin the war to the point. I tell you correctly! I tell you to the point! All of the world, all of the religions believe they know it all - to save the body. But they do not know, that the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit is there in front of their noses. They cannot see with their eyes the things of God, but all is beneath the Finger of God.

It has arrived the Word of God. I tell you these things straight and in the manner of God. But if you hear Me or not, this is not going to change a single letter, a single point of what I tell you. It is the truth. They believe they know it all, but they know nothing. They know nothing, for the things of God, are the things of God, and the mind of man is the mind of man. The two things are not the same!

Like I have told you, there some who hug the Word of God. There are others that cry. There are others that get mad, when they hear the Word of God. But I know, that all will go - like the way I put it - to the Point! And it has arrived the Force of God in the Manner of God. I know this minute - what you are thinking, when read and hear these Words. For I read your heart, and I know if you are going to cry. If you are going to get mad or if it is going to give you joy! All that happens in your life, I know it. But what I say - and in the manner that I tell you - are going to be the things of God - with the Force of God.

But if you do not seek My Son Jesus, you are going to be blind, and you are not going to be able to see in front of your nose. Read the Bible and Pray - for My Son is ready. Did you hear Me? Did you hear Me? This is your Father, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit telling you the things of Heaven. (over)