1124. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 November 1997 at 11:00 PM.

Well, after returning late from Carl's house, I logged on the Internet and checked my e-mail. I found an e-mail from someone, who wanted me to give him an interpretation of a dream he had had. He gave me the link to his web site, so I proceeded to check it out. I normally do not have the time to surf the Net or check out web sites, but somehow I was still overwhelmed from what I had seen at Carl's house. So, I found myself reading his dream, but it did not have as much effect on me as his links page of other web sites. I found myself being led by the Lord through links on his links page, and there I found a link and clicked on it and found it to be an End Times Ministry Church web site. There wasn't anything there that caught my eyes except their awards page. This web site had many, many Internet awards on it. Then the Lord led me to e-mail him this e-mail.


Subj: I love you Brother XXX XXXX!

Date: 97-11-15 02:38:00 EST

From: ReyAgu


Hello brother XXX XXXX,

I was led to your web site by the Lord, and I was wondering of what value are all your web site awards in Heaven. I hope you do not lose your focus.

yours in Christ,

Raymond Aguilera


From the Words about the Vineyard Church and the above web site, all that came to my mind was the Lord is going to clean-up His House. (over)