1122. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 November 1997 at 8:30 PM.

For the past two weeks, I have had many people call and write for prayers. I also noticed, that I would cry during most of these prayers. Most of the time I did not even realize that I was crying until well into the prayer. It seemed like they were empathy type of prayers, where your body would physically get into the prayer and cry.

Well - Friday night Carl, a friend of mine, asked me if I wanted to go to hear a well known prophet speak in San Jose. I told him yes, and then I proceeded to his house. I noticed the heavy traffic, and mentioned it to Carl. We decided to stay home and pray, and have Communion.


During our prayers is when this occurrence/vision happened. Most of the time; I feel like the biggest sinner in the world. I do not know why the Lord does this to me, when I least expect it!

This experience was so real in the spirit, I cannot fully explain it in words. But during prayer before Communion, the Lord gave me the "HONOR AND PRIVILEGE", to see Him in the Spirit, during the taking the Holy Wine with His Disciples at the Last Supper in the upper room.

As I looked at the Lord, I could see Him from about the wrist up, but He looked like He was sitting on the floor, but I am not sure. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it was Him. But, His Body had no shape; you could identify. I know, I sound strange, and not making any sense, but I knew exactly - who He was, and what He was going doing. I also knew that it was the Last Supper of the Lord, and the world's first Communion service given directly by the Lord. This all sounds very strange doesn't it!

What was shown to me was the moment after the taking of the Bread (His Body), and just before the Wine (His Blood) was given out. How - can I explain this without sounding like a crazy man! I was seeing Jesus Christ from the wrist up, but He had no identifiable features in the flesh, in His Face or Body, but I could see His Face CLEARLY in the Spirit. But as I looked at His Spiritual Face, it looked so quite, calm, peaceful, and tranquil, but yet I could sense tears in His Face. As I watched Him, He slowly and patiently took a long deep look at each of the Disciples before He passed the Wine. It seemed to me that He was looking down deeply into everyone soul. It also seem to me - that this look showed what each Disciple was going to do and suffer for His Name sake. Maybe that was why He had that tone of Tears in His eyes too. The whole place became TOTALLY QUIET; and no one made any sound as if the HOLY SPIRIT was filling the whole room as they watched.

All that kept running through my mind was; "I HAVE NO BUSINESS HERE; seeing such a HOLY MOMENT!" I began to feel so dirty and undeserving seeing this happen. I wish, I could explain all of this in words, but I cannot. These kinds of experiences make me wonder, "WHY me!!!!" For reading it in the Bible was enough, and I believed. That was enough for me! But yet your spirit gets so hungry for a personal closeness to the Lord, that it never gets enough.

It was like; when not a word is spoken, and you see someone with love or pain in his body, and no one has to tell you, but the both of you know what is going on inside the person. I could sense the Lord's Eyes search deeply into the enter depths of each Disciple with the Love of His Heart. Wow, this was great! This whole occurrence lasted about 10 seconds, but it seemed like 10 to 15 minutes.

The hair on my arms started to rise, and I wanted to cry!! Why - am I such a cry baby, when it comes to these kinds of things? All I wanted to do was run and run as fast as I could. Does that sound like a holy man seeking the Lord? Well - I could not type this up until today. I could not even shave my face or take a shower for about three days. I found myself out of focus every time I tried to type it up. But where can a person run or hide from the Lord? And why would they want too! I am WAY OVER my head and body in my Christian Spiritual walk again. I am beginning to believe our bodies are NOT MADE to experience some things in the SPIRIT! For it really breaks us!

I kept asking myself, "WHY", is the Lord doing this to me? I was in such "Awa", at being able to see this occurrence, and at the same time my mind was saying, "I am NOT worthy to see this! Why, is the Lord doing this to me!!! (over)


Then I saw the Lord weeping, and I wondered if that was why I had been crying the past several weeks.


Then the Lord showed me a nuclear explosion of some sort. Then this pillar of fire came down from Heaven, which extended miles and miles from the sky. It was cylindrical in shape, and the flames circled in this cylindrical shape. And as I watched this nuclear explosion; this pillar of fire went around the perimeter of the nuclear blast. Then the Lord informed me that was why He was crying. (over)