1087. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 July 1997 at 3:30 AM.

On Sunday evening I prayed, and stayed up late watching television, until I could not keep my eyes open. I had been feeling very old and lonely these past few months with all of this traveling, camping in tents, and sleeping on the cold hard ground, and not really understanding why except that I was order too by the Lord. And now here I am half way around the world, in Israel, wondering, "Why"? Then I start to wonder. When was the Lord going to give me that special woman, and wondering if it was my friend from many years ago, I remembered looking into the mirror a few days ago, and not liking what I saw. All I could see, was one tired fat numb old man, (though I don't really believe I am old), seeking God, with a HUNGER that my flesh could not understand.

After taking a deep breath, I tried to focus and began to pray. I said to the Lord, "Where I am going to find this special partner you have been telling me about all of these years? For if I was a woman, I wouldn't want me. And look at my hair or what is left of it. It is all white. And most people think I am nuts, and should be locked up! So Lord, since there is no one here but you and I, please give more hair and a righteous woman who can help me through this crazy Christian walk! (I guess after writing this, we are not alone anymore.)" So after my other nightly prayers - for the people on the e-mail list, family, friends, and people who are seriously sick, I fell asleep.

Then during the early morning hours, I was suddenly awaken. I was sleeping on my back with my hands at my side, and this incredible force bound my hands and paralyzed my body to the bed. All that ran through my mind was, "Lord - I am in trouble. Something has me frozen to the bed. HELP ME!!!" No matter how hard I tried to move my body, it would not move. What was so strange, I kept having this image of Daniel. When the Angel of the Lord appeared to him, and he fell down on his face in fear - kept running through my mind.

I felt a woman's hands holding my two wrists. I also felt this peace. The whole room was filled with this incredible power. I still did not know if this presence was friend or foe. But I could feel the smallness of the two hands that were holding my wrists. And I could not see anyone.

So I asked, "Who is this?"

And a voice said with power and authority, "This is Ruth."

At first I did not know if it was a demonic force, or some Angel named, Ruth. I struggle at first for I was so startled. Then the Ruth of the Bible came to my mind or my spirit. I do not know which. Also, slowly I was able to raise both my hands, with these spiritual woman's hands holding on to my wrists.

So I said to myself, "If this is Ruth I can say, I love Jesus, I love Jesus, I love Jesus."

So I kept praising the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, over and over. So with both my hands raised in the spirit, I began to wave them, and I kept praising, and moving, and waving them into the air, with the attached other hands. I could also feel this heat, or warmth come upon my body. Just as suddenly as they appeared they disappeared, and my hands fell back to the bed. This really scared me!

But all I can say, "I love you Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I give you all the praise and the honor, and the glory - Now and forever and ever. Amen."


I Remembered that I had prayed earlier to the Lord about my old feeling body and my white hair. Well, two interesting things happened when I got home. My mother called me early Sunday morning to see if I got back safe, and she told me had a VERY, VERY vivid dream during my Israel mission trip. She told me that one night she had this dream of seeing me in my twenties, and that I looked very young. She said what caught her attention was my hair. That I had such a full head of very black hair with a big wave on one side. That - then she knew I was safe from the bombing they had in Jerusalem. She said it was so real that she awoke my dad and told him her dream, and that she could not go back to sleep that evening.

Then that day my brother Ted came over and late that same evening we were talking, and he said, "You know Ray, I had a vivid dream when you were in Israel. I saw you in this dream and you were a little baby, and someone was holding in his arms, but what was so unusual; you had a full head of dark brown hair with a wave to one side. The dream was so realistic it woke me up." What are the odds of two people having the same kind of dream.

A short note my daughter Cynthia gave me after reading my comments notes.

7-27-97 at 8:00 AM.

My father telephoned me, direct from Israel, to inform me that there had been two bombings in Israel a few hours earlier. He told me that I would hear about it from the news media sometime that evening. He also told me that he had been at the place where the bombs went off, and had left that bombed area two days prior.

That morning, I phoned my grandmother to let her know that my father was okay, and not to worry, because the news media was informing the world about the bombing. My father was concerned that the news would give my Grandmother grief.

When my Grandmother and I were talking that morning, she told me that she had a clear dream of my father, the night before. My Grandmother told me in her dream that she told my father, that she was very worried about him leaving the country. Ray (my father) told her (in her dream) not to worry Mother, I am okay I'll be fine., I m here for you. Please don't worry. I am coming home. (My Grandmother told me that his looks were like when he was young, when he was newly married to my mother) She was shocked to see him so young. And his hair was very dark. After her dream, she felt much better. And her dream gave her great comfort. (She told me this in her own words).